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Copperdollar Studios

Copperdollar Studios

Facebook  Instagram  

Copperdollar Studios, 22 Montague St, Brighton BN2 1JX

Contact: (0)7775 502727 or


Copperdollar Studios are two unique studios situated in the heart of Brighton’s Kemptown on the East Sussex coast. They are available to be hired by the creative community of Brighton and beyond. They are popular with photographers and videographers because of their rustic walls, wooden floors and variation of textured aesthetics that create a rich choice for backdrops. Theatre companies and musicians who need a quiet yet rich shabby chic atmospheric for music videos and band shoots make use of the space, too. They are available from 8am to 10pm, 7 days a week.
Although we can't accept regular small slot bookings, both of the studios can be block booked or rented as a one off which makes them perfect for summer programmes, workshops and training.
The booking rate is reduced by 50% for students.
You can check the studios out on our website and social media platforms

Call for availability

Copperdollar Studios Copperdollar Studios Copperdollar Studios Copperdollar Studios



Posted 13/06/2017


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Remembrance Day
by Bev Clark

Remembrance Day is a story of five generations of one family against a backdrop of global conflicts. Cast of 5 males two of whom are teenagers.
this play won awards at AETF and NDFA 2009 and 2014 read synopsis on Amazon or at

Recently Posted Theatre Facilities
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Grosvenor Casino Reading South

Rose Kiln Lane RG2 0SN


Contact: Susan Tasi
Sales Manager
Tel: 0118 402 7800 or


We are a company called Grosvenor Casino Reading South. We are more than just a casino but an entertainment venue. Please have a look at our beautiful showbar. If you are looking for a place to perform on weekdays, we are a perfect venue for that. Our capacity is 150 people in theater style.

Should you require any further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Please see our venue hire webpage, however as I mentioned you will get it for free.

Weekdays Free of Charge

Posted 06/05/2017


Recently Posted Auditions
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SouthEastern TheatreGroup


Jesus Christ Superstar

Contact: For further information please contact Brian Collins on 087-2360330 or Derek Lanigan 087-7730609

Auditions: Friday the 7th of July 2017
Performance: 31st of October and will run until the 4th of November

We are happy to announce that due to a high demand it has been agreed to up the age limit of the cast to 25 years!!!
Auditionees must be available from late August to the end of October. The casting team are looking for people around the country with rock, pop and soul voices of a high standard, which must also be able to dance. We are looking for girls aged between 16-25 years old, and boys aged 15-25 years old to take part in this show.
Open auditions will take place on Friday the 7th of July 2017 at the David Hennessy Stage School, Unit 1A, Lacken Road Business Park, Waterford City.
Candidates should prepare a song of their choice from the show. Registration will strictly take place from 6.00pm to 7.00pm whilst auditions will take place between 7.00pm and 10.00pm. Auditionees should report to reception when you arrive.
Jesus Christ Superstar will take to the stage on the 31st of October and will run until the 4th of November at the Theatre Royal Waterford City.
The full cast will be announced after all auditions are done. We strongly advise researching “Jesus Christ Superstar” for songs and parts available before audition. Please note, if you took part in any of our previous productions, this will NOT guarantee you a place in this show. Auditions are open to everyone around the the country.
At the Open Auditions on Friday if you do NOT receive a call the next day - then you have, unfortunately, on this occasion been unsuccessful.
If you have been successful, you will be contacted on Saturday 8th.
N.B. We will NOT be contacting unsuccessful candidates
• Mary Magdalene
• Jesus of Nazareth
• Judas Iscariot
• King Herod
• Caiaphas
• Peter
• Pontius Pilate
• Simon Zealotes
• Annas
• 3 Priests
Large singing ensemble consisting of Lepers, Cured Lepers, Merchants, Apostles, Apostles Wives, Soldiers, Judas’s Tormentors, Reporters, Temple Ladies, and Soul Girls.

Posted 19/06/2017


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Voiceovers required for film short

I am the producer of a small pilot film - about 10 mins long - The pilot will be used as a pitch for any independent film director (e.g. Ken Loach), who might be interested in taking up an option on an extant screenplay called ‘Betrayal’. The story is based on the actual experience of two Americans who - along with thousands of others - went to the Soviet Union in the early 1930s, in order to help build socialism. But they found themselves in a living hell, because their arrival coincided with the rise of Stalin’s terror state! You could describe it as a political thriller. Our aim is for a feature film to be completed in time for the centenary of the Russian Revolution, i.e. October 2017.

The pilot is almost completed. But we need two actors to do voiceovers for the middle-aged American couple who are at the centre of the story. N.B. The actors do not have to act out their roles in front of camera. If you can find anyone who might be interested in helping us, we would be most grateful. We are happy to send you the script for the pilot film in due course..

Because we are operating on a very limited budget, and having exhausted the patience of our own friends (!), we are now turning to our local thespians for help. We are willing to pay for the services of the two actors, as long as it is not too expensive to hire them. The dialogue they will speak only lasts about 5 minutes.

Rex Dunn

Posted on 18/06/2017


Recently Posted Articles
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Support Your Local Amateur Theatre Group

Author: Norma Phillips
Secretary of
Teesside Musical Theatre Company


We hope that Teesside Musical Theatre Company’s (TMTC) reputation will encourage audiences to buy tickets for the upcoming 2017 production of “Spamalot” being performed at Middlesbrough Theatre on 15-20 May 2017. “Spamalot” was aptly described by the Newcastle Evening Chronicle as “a pantomime for all seasons”, and our production promises to be spectacular and hilarious, appealing to everyone who wants to leave the theatre feeling thoroughly entertained. The only pain you will experience from this encounter with a “python” is the ache in your ribs from so much laughter.

TMTC were excited to secure the rights to “Spamalot” in 2014 to be the first North East Amateur Company to perform the show. However, due to circumstances beyond our control, tickets sales are likely to be adversely affected by the fact that many people may have already seen the show recently in the local area.

True to the “Spamalot” ethos, we are determined to “Always Look on the Bright Side of Life”, and rehearsals are progressing well. Our Committee and Members endeavour to be supportive of each other and work together to ensure the survival of local amateur theatre. Several members of Teesside Musical Theatre Youth Company are also part of the cast, giving them valuable experience in a full scale production and helping to secure the future of TMTC.

For “Spamalot” TMTC also have a Youtube page with amusing videos providing a taster of the production and showing how much fun the cast is having at rehearsals. Visit the page at and subscribe to receive news of future videos.

We need the support of local audiences to come and join in the fun at Middlesbrough Theatre from 15-20 May 2017 by ordering tickets from our ticket secretaries, Jacquie Kelly (tel: 07712 485211) and Sue Bargewell (tel: 07806 786327) or from the Box Office on 01642 815181. Tickets cost £15 for adults and £10 for Under 14s.

Posted on 28/04/2017

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Recently Posted CostumeSwap
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Tina Harrop-Truscott

Bridgemary, Gosport, Hants


For Sale

June 2017

Fancy Dress outfits for sale

I have a fancy dress business which I am in the process of selling. I have sold some outfits already to local theatre groups but still have over 150+ costumes left for sale. Prices are mainly £10 per costume so are very cheap. All the outfits are hand made adult costumes as they were made by the previous owner for the gang show and local theatre groups. They cover many genres such as uniforms, characters, eras, Egyptian, and quite a few costumes suitable for the panto season.

If anyone is interested in the costumes for their theatre group please contact me and we can arrange to meet and view them?

Posted 13/06/2017


Recently Posted Sets & PropSwap
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Mendham School

Suffolk, IP20 0NJ

Contact: Julie Thompson


For Sale - Donation to School Please

June 2017

Stage curtains + gantry

I work at Mendham School IP20 0NJ, where the stage curtains and gantry mechanism have been taken down to make way for a new classroom wall.
There have been no plans made for the curtains, etc.
If you know of a group or hall that could use these please let me know as I am anxious these item find a new home rather than being discarded.
No particular price, but a donation to the school would be appreciated.

Very rough sizes:
The two blue velvet curtains span the hall which is approx 7 metres wide.
They are each approx 3 to 4 metres in length
there is a wide pelmet of matching fabric approx 1 metre which again spans the hall.
There is a gantry and mechanism with as many of the nuts and bolts as I could rescue when they were taken down. This come in two parts which slide together and are therefore adjustable.

Please give a shout if I can be of any more help, and particularly if you or anyone you are aware of, can make use of these items.

Posted 08/06/2017


Recently Posted Publishers
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VG Plays

VG Plays


Book purchases can be made via our online store.

VG Plays for scripts for am dram and youth groups all tried, tested and staged worldwide

Most famously: ’The Magdalen Whitewash’.

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Wayfarers Drama Group



The Wayfarers, The Theatre in The Hut, Colonel Stephens Way, off Milton Avenue, Weston-super-Mare, BS23 2SW or follow us on Facebook :

Established in 1951 by Ernest Gibson, his vision was to attract membership from different backgrounds and to encourage members to develop their theatre skills in acting, direction, production, set design, lighting etc. We still hold to this vision and put on several shows every year at The Theatre in The Hut which is owned by The Wayfarers.

Become a member
New members are always welcome. If you have a longing to tread the boards or would like to be involved in a less visible way why not get in touch through our website

Become a Friend
If you are a supporter of theatre and amateur dramatics and want to do your bit to ensure a thriving theatre scene in Weston-super-Mare become a Friend of the Wayfarers for just £7 a year. You will receive a regular newsletter advance notice of productions and a FREE programme at every show you attend. To become a friend please contact us through our website

Join our Mailing list
Be sent e-mail updates of The Wayfarers Drama Group and other productions at The Theatre in The Hut by sending an e-mail request through the contact page on our website :

Hire of The Hut and Costumes
The Theatre in The Hut with its 60 seat auditorium, equipped lighting box and front of house facilities can be hired by other amateur dramatic groups for productions. We also have a substantial costume collection which is available to hire to other local drama groups.

For The Hut and costume hire charges contact Hut Bookings Tel: 07450 524764

Box office number for all Wayfarers shows is 07582 881594 or e-mail:


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Magpie Performers

Magpie Performers

Facebook  Twitter  Instagram  

Bourne Vale Social Club, Halifax Road, Ipswich IP2 8RE

Contact: To book a team contact

Quiz Night

23 June 2017 7pm

£3 per person
Teams of up to 6 - all ages welcome
Cash Prize for 1st place
Bar open unti 11pm

Quiz Night

Posted 15/06/2017


Recently Posted Back/Off Stage Requirements
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The South Devon Players

The South Devon Players



Dates Required: 2017


Voluntary opportunities, & work experience
see for details

Contact: website or social media

Posted 15/06/2017


Recently Posted Musicians Required, Music Services, Music Swap
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Junior AMDRAM Club

Junior AMDRAM Club

Southam, Gloucestershire

Production: Summer Revue

Contact: Gerry Jones 07823 883203 or


Dates Required: Feb 2017 on

Southam Junior AMDRAM Club are performing a summer revue with two choir songs, so we are looking for a singing teacher to help with two choir numbers, so if you are able to help, and live within easy travelling distance of Southam Call Gerry Jones on 07823 883203 or email me:

Posted 21/02/2017


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Peterborough Mask Theatre

Peterborough Mask Theatre

Facebook  Twitter  


Venue: Peterborough Central Park (11th – 15th July 2017)
Waterton Arms, Deeping St James 20th July 2017
Crowland Abbey 21st July 2017
Moonhenge, Wood Walton 22nd July 2017

Box Office:


Author: William Shakespeare


11th – 22nd July 2017
Shakespeare’s Macbeth is a play well-known to many of us, perhaps even going back to our school days where we suffered the slings and arrows of English teachers’ endless analyses of the power-crazed Monarch and his various treacheries, his over-ambitious queen and her descent into madness, and the weird sisters’ prophesies and exactly how a man could qualify as being “no woman’s son”.
The play is brought to life in Peterborough Central Park and on tour this summer, when Mask Theatre bring you their annual Shakespearean offering. Action-packed and full of emotion, this Shakespearean play takes no prisoners!

Posted 17/06/2017


Latest from our Advice Column
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Post 56
Recent Post from one of our readers - 17/04/2017
Name: Debbie Bell
Facebook: Cynthia Law
Play Script

Calvary greetings to Yuh all, please I need a drama script on this topic The Full Amour from Romans 13:12

Peter's response:

Hi Cynthia,
I'm afraid I can't help you directly as I'm not aware of any such play scripts.
I'll post your enquiry in the #Advice section of and ask people to get in touch with you via your FB page if they can help.


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The Gilbert & Sullivan Society of Austin

The Gilbert & Sullivan Society of Austin


Pirates of Penzance

See full review at the American Statesman

The Gilbert & Sullivan Society of Austin

Read the review of "Pirates" by the American Statesman's Andrew J. Friedenthal.


Posted on 17/06/2017


Recently Posted Script Swap details
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Actors Anonymous

Melbourne, Australia

Contact: Roslyn Gold


One Day in '67 by Mitch Torres

Hi there we are a private playreading group in Melbourne and would like to read Mitch Torres play "One day in '67" Could anyone help me in locating a hard or digital copies ?
We have belonged to the Victorian Drama League Library for over 30 years
Thanks so much
Cheers Roslyn

Date Req'd: ASAP

Posted 30/05/2017

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The Aston Academy of Magic

The Aston Academy of Magic


Professional magic shows and group or one to one tuition.

We are based in the village of Marston Moretaine and can provide individual one to one or group tuition on magical entertainment and presentation.