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The Dalesmen Singers MVC

The Dalesmen Singers MVC



The official Twitter of the Dalesmen Singers, a male voice choir from Danby in the North Yorkshire Moors

Contact via our website or social media


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Dancers Available to Perform a Routine in your show FREE!

We are two dancers, currently going around Peterborough dancing in care homes and disability homes and we are looking to raise our profile and would love to open/close any shows.

We can perform any where within Peterborough

There is no charge

The company that we will be dancing for can choose the style and length they would preferably like us to do.

I can be contacted on -
Or 07504974763

Thank you

Posted on 21/06/2018


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AliCaT Seniors

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Through the Looking Glass

Author: Adapted by James DeVita
Music and Lyrics by Bill Francoeur

Through the Looking Glass

Venue: Backwell Playhouse, Mariner’s Drive, BS48 3HT

Box Office: Susie 01275 791275 (between 10.00am – 11.00am)
Tickets: £7.50 adults, £5.50 children
Or ‘drop off and pick up’ times at the theatre

Saturday 20th July 2013 – 2.30pm and 7.30pm
Sunday 21st July 2013 – 2.30pm and 7.30pm

Take a wildly entertaining trip through Alice’s looking glass to the beat of a hip-hopping soundtrack by Bill Francoeur. This silly adaptation of Lewis Carroll’s Through the Looking Glass depicts the coming-of-age story with fun twists and music audiences of all ages will adore. You’ll recognize some of your favourite characters of Wonderland and meet dozens of new ones along Alice’s journey. As a pawn from the second square of the chessboard, Alice must travel to the eighth square to accomplish her goal of becoming a queen. Each step of her passage brings her face to face with new characters and adventures as well as celebrations when she achieves each aspiration...With minimal set requirements, the play can be performed on a bare stage with suggested props, or the production can be as huge as your imagination and budget allow. The lively stage action, zany dialogue and eclectic mix of toe-tapping tunes will have your audiences grinning like a Cheshire cat!

Posted 20/06/2018


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Greater Manchester Drama Federation

Greater Manchester Drama Federation

Facebook  Twitter  Pinterest  Google+  

Mossley AODS' Studios. Woodend Mill, Off Manchester Road, Mossley OL5 9RR

Contact: Contact via our website or social media


Annual General Meeting

Wednesday 29th August 2018 8pm

Please support the Annual General Meeting if you can. This is your GMDF and it's your opportunity to come and meet the Board and ask any questions / make suggestions you may have.

When you arrive at the mill you may park anyhwere. You are then looking for Mill 2 entrance which is directly in front of you as you drive into the mill. MAODS Studios are on the 2nd floor which is up 5 short and shallow flights of steps.

The formal notice of AGM and Agenda is here.

The Nomination form is here.

We look forward to seeing you on the 29th August.
Thank you for your support.

Posted 20/06/2018


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Hyde Musical Society

Hyde Musical Society

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Contact: via website or social media


Hyde Musical Society

For Sale

June 2018

Stage Scenery

Want to see what we have in our secret lockup? We will soon be having a clear out of stage scenery used in HMS productions. If you are interested in anything / or in need of any items, get in touch and we will provide more information #hydemusical #hyde @TheatreHyde @ARTSyncHyde

Posted 20/06/2018


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SUP Theatre Company


Southampton University main campus, Building and room TBC



Contact: Please email the SUP Secretary if you are not currently an SUP member and would like to attend the reading.

The play reading for our January 2019 NST Campus (Nuffield) production of AND THEN THERE WERE NONE is planned for WEDNESDAY 27TH JUNE 7:30pm
Auditions will follow at the University on TUESDAY 3RD and THURSDAY 5TH JULY
Performance January 2019

SUP holds open auditions. If cast and you are not already a member, society rules and insurance mean you must become a paid member immediately.

Posted 17/06/2018


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How To Use Backing Tracks To Give A Great Performance

London Arrangements More often than not, musicians and actors believe that giving a great, engaging performance is only possible when using a live band and vocalists. However, the times are changing and many performers are captivating their audience through the use of their voice AND backing tracks.

Now, we’re not suggesting you forever ditch the drums, vintage guitars and so on but instead, don’t stress that your performance might not be first class if your keyboard player doesn’t show up. It will. This blog post will take you through the how-to’s for using professional backing tracks to give a great live performance.

#1 Understand Your Tracks

The big risk of using backing tracks is that it’s relying on technology rather than humans. If there was a mistake during the performance, a live band is more likely to recover and keep the performance running smoothly, whereas pre-recorded tracks cannot do this. So, how do you avoid messing up your set and using a professional backing track?

1. Understand how backing tracks are constructed to ensure you know what to expect when their played - that’s in a variety of environments.

2. Backing tracks with more ambient sounds are usually easier to work with.

3. Oppositely, backing tracks with distinct percussion, bass lines and other timed entrances will be a lot harder to work with - particularly for beginners.

4. It’s all about trial and error. Don’t hit the stage straight away. Giving a great performance takes time anyway, so don’t automatically assume using backing tracks will be easier but it’s not always the case.

#2 Engage With The Track

Just like you would an instrument, you must engage with the track in order to pour emotion into the performance and keep it real and “raw”. Listen to the instruments and vocals within the track and try to pick out the key sounds and harmonies that are most appealing to you. Focus on these in the performance and really think about the words you are saying during the piece. This way, you will really connect with not only the song but your audience to give them a great, engaging performance.

#3 Involve Your Audience
London Arrangements A good musician will be able to please their audience with their stunning voice and perhaps choreography. Yet, an excellent musician will not only “wow” them with this but will also make them feel like they are a part of the performance. This can be done using the below three key steps:

1. Know who’s listening. You must adopt an approach that will suit and relate to your audience if you want to become one of them. For example, if you’re performing to a small, country-like crowd, being friendly and approachable will be a great way for you to relate.

2. Know your show. It’s important that you thoroughly rehearse your performance so that you can focus your attention on the audience and their needs. Sometimes, having a few plan B’s can also help you make slight changes to the set in case things don’t go as you’d expect. If you know your set well, you can focus attentions to monitor your audience throughout your performance and respond to their actions accordingly.

3. Encourage participation during your pieces, in between or after. If you can get your audience to sing along with you during a song, go for it. By monitoring your crowd you can usually tell if they’re eager to sing along with you or not. If they aren’t, asking them an intriguing question or telling a hilarious anecdote can make you feel more human and personally connected to them.

#4 What Do You Want To Hear?

When you’re performing on stage in front of an audience, no matter how big or small the crowd is, it can be extremely daunting. In order to stun your listeners you’ll have to show you’re comfortable on stage which in turn will help you engage with them and get them involved - see above. But how do you become comfortable on stage when using backing tracks?

If you decide to perform without a live band, you shouldn’t then feel alone, lost or uncomfortable during your time on stage. To combat these thoughts, you should equip yourself with headphones, a wedge or monitor or a mixer that will allow you to hear everything you need to perform well.

    You might want to hear only click in your headphones and have the backing tracks in your wedge or monitor.

    Alternatively, you might feel more comfortable with both track and click in your headphones, or just the track.

    Finally, performers can also derive great success from running both click and track through a mixer placed nearby so that you can control each level in your headphones quickly and easily. - Tom Tom Magazine

#5 Hide The Laptop / MP3 Player

If you’re an avid gig or festival goer, you won’t be a stranger to seeing a laptop on stage during your favourite artists performance. Though, this isn’t something we suggest doing, particularly in musical theatre when ensuring the performance should be as engaging as possible.
London Arrangements Hide the laptop or device you’re using to play backing tracks. It can automatically improve the performance and create an illusion that the music is being played live.

A magician wouldn’t show you how he did his tricks, likewise, you don’t always want to show your audience how you’re creating such a great performance. Instead, you want them to watch in awe.

You may be thinking, that if you don’t have your laptop with you, how will you protect your performance if all things fail? That’s why practice makes perfect - trial your mix in different venues, big, small, long, tall and listen to the sound quality of the tracks. You can always get a trusted musician on stand-by incase errors crop up, though if you rehearse enough, you’re unlikely to come across major problems during the performance so stop stressing and enjoy!

#6 Know What Causes Problems
London Arrangements Just like a musician wouldn’t be able to belt out an amazing guitar solo the first time they play a guitar, you won’t be able to create an amazing performance using a backing track if you don’t understand the technology and gear behind it. This point is quite similar to point #1 but it’s important to stress that knowing your music is crucial to a successful show.

When you’re at a gig or show performing with backing tracks, you’re more than just a musician. Now, you’re also a tech wizard, moving from analog to digital and so, you’ll need to know what can be the cause of any audio problems, just like you would with your instruments. After all, you wouldn’t perform with an out of tune guitar, so why play with a backing track or piece of tech that’s set up incorrect?
As well as knowing what can cause problems on your backing tracks, it’s vital to understand the equipment that is actually playing the music, too. Sometimes the thing creating the poor audio is the machine itself that it’s played on. That, and things like the venue, poor wiring and so on.

Do your research before buying both your professional backing tracks and the machine or device you’ll use to play them. Both are key players in creating a great sounding performance without a live band or vocalists.

    Tip: Make sure the device you play your tracks with cannot receive texts, emails or notifications with sound.

#7 Opt For A Remix

Most musicians will know that not every other musician out there is as dedicated and great at time keeping as themselves. Sometimes, planning a performance with external pianists, drummers or similar can prove to difficult and lead to much disappointment.

However, if your performance demands a drummer but perhaps you don’t have a reliable musician to perform with, opt for a remix. Include more electronic aspects to funk up the song and give your listeners a slightly edgier show.

You don’t have to change much in the music in order to get it sounding great without your backing band. Sometimes, making too many changes can make the track sound too different, though experimenting with additional instruments and vocals can be a huge success!


To conclude, below is a revised list of how to use backing tracks to give a great performance:

1. Understand your tracks. That way if something was to go wrong such as the timing of the first song starting early or worse, late, you’re prepared for it and know how to correct it.

2. Engage with the track just like you would an instrument. This way you’re engaging with the instruments and vocals in the track, just like you would if they were happening live on stage.

3. Involve your audience by getting them to sing along. This way they’ll be less focused on the fact you don’t have a band playing your music and you’ll get more of a buzz from hearing them sing back your songs.

4. Knowing what you want to hear will help you monitor your performance and vocals as it happens. Using clicks in your headphones and the backing track in your wedge or monitor can help.

5. Don’t let the audience see your laptop. This will help the audience to keep their eyes on you so you’re performance feels more connected and personal for the crowd.

6. Understand what problems can arise from using backing tracks. If you know what might go wrong when you’re on stage using the backing track, you’ll be able to help counteract any issues to keep your performance running smoothly.

7. Remix your song by either stripping it down or adding more electronic elements to it. This can bring a new life to the song and interest the audience by surprising them with a unique version, rather than playing what they will expect.

Stephen Robinson, London Arrangements

London Arrangements specialises in the production of professional music backing tracks, ranging from stage and screen, swing and jazz, to classical and easy listening genres.

Posted on 14/06/2018

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Mayhem Theatre Company

Mayhem Theatre Company

Facebook  Twitter  Instagram  



Return to The Forbidden Planet

Production: Return to The Forbidden Planet

Dates Required: Summer & Autumn 2018

Creative Team Required

We're on the look out for a creative team for our September production of Return to The Forbidden Planet at the Epsom Playhouse.

Creative team applications are open for Mayhem Theatre Company's 'Return to the Forbidden Planet', due to be performed in Epsom this Autumn. Please get in touch.

Contact: Email info@mayhemtheatre.co.uk for more info or to apply

Posted 08/06/2018


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BROS Theatre Company


Facebook  Google+  

A Class Act

A Class Act 5 June - 9 June 2018

Venue: Hampton Hill Theatre

Our first night audience was raving about A Class Act!

“Stylish choreography”

“Total class in every department - performers, band, staging”

“I’m in love with the cast"

"Impeccably performed”

“Witty script and really poignant"

"Beautifully intimate”

“A little gem of a show”

But don’t just take their word for it; give Love Island a miss and come see this wonderful show for yourself!

For tickets, please visit: TicketSource


Posted on 07/06/2018


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Aled Phillips


Contact: Aled Phillips Facebook or cantorion@me.com


July 2018

Costumes Required for a Major Choir Competition

I am artistic director of a male opera chorus which is competing in a major choir competition. The themes of the pieces are

Has anybody got anything to hire or something simple made?
Would be 30 costumes that are themed and would cover bandits, prisoners etc
The competition is choir of the world on July 7th

They don’t have to be the same costumes etc - it’s a matter of 30 men old clothes
Aled Phillips

Posted 01/06/2018


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Make-Up Artist Work Experience Required

I am a make-up lecture at Sussex downs college in Lewes. currently seeking work experience for my make-up group. They are all very passionate about theatrical make-up and I was seeking if by any chance they could have the opportunity in working together with the art performance in delivering make-up and gaining experience within the make-up industry in theatrical

yours sincerely

Nelia Mici
Level 3 makeup artists lecture
Sussex downs college, Lewes

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Post 59
Recent Post from one of our readers - 21/03/2018
Name: Gwen Chaney
email address:
gwenchaney@btinternet.com - Click here


Do small AmDram groups need to register for GDRR?

Gwen Chaney

Peter's response:

Hi Gwen,

Do you mean GDPR the new EU General Data Protection Regulation?

If so then I believe that any organisation that has an on-line presence and that collects visitors personal data through whatever means need to ensure that they comply with this new regulation and this compliance has to be in place by 25th May 2018.

It is a very complicated area, however there are many organisations on the web who have advice and guidance to help you understand your responsibilities.

I will post your question in our #Advice section and ask others to provide additional help if they can.

Best Wishes,


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David Collard

David Collard

David Collard, Pen y wyrlod, Pen y cae mawr, Usk NP15 1LX

Contact: collarddavid@yahoo.co.uk

I am not asking for any payment for the performance of these (not yet at any rate!) but would be glad to know if anyone decides to do a performance.

The plays are obtainable from me at my email address collarddavid@yahoo.co.uk

Inventing the Truth:
Shelley v Trelawny

A one-act play with 5 characters. About three quarters of an hour.

In about 1850 Mary Shelley and then her son appeal to the adventurer Trelawny for the return of a portrait of Percy Bysshe Shelley. He refuses, abandons his wife, and finds himself a new mistress.

If anyone does want to produce it, please let me know, there is no charge.

The Last Will and Testament of Roger Edwards, Gentleman.
Or Wolfland

10 characters. Set around 1620. About an hour and a quarter,

Edwards is a rich landowner who wishes to endow a local grammar school and almshouses. But his nephew, who expects to inherit, has other ideas.

Shakespeare's Henry VII

15 characters plus extras. About an hour and a half

A five act play in blank verse. Shakespeare's "missing" Henry covers Henry's reign from 1485-1509, featuring Catherine of Aragon, Elizabeth of York etc.

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Arts On The Move

Arts On The Move

Facebook  Twitter  Pinterest  

Location: Manchester, UK
Contact Details: Call 0161 881 0868

Arts On The Move publishes great plays that have been written specifically for young actors. Over 20 titles, including 4 Shakespeare adaptations, 2 mini plays (15-20 minutes long), a 2-act murder mystery, and plays with music and songs written for young voices. Great original material for schools, youth theatres, and junior drama groups. All scripts come as PDF downloads and groups can print/copy as many copies as they need for their production. Each PDF contains full production notes – with suggestions for staging, costumes, props, music, lighting, etc. Performing Licences are sold separately for a fixed price and standard one-act play licences allow up to 5 performances of one play. All current titles have been written by Alison Chaplin BA (Hons); PGCE; MA.

Arts On The Move

Bestseller: Harry Rings, Lord of the Potters
This award-winning one act play is a comedy mash up of stories from the fantasy genre. Familiar (and not so familiar) characters come together in a common quest.

Arts On The Move

Most powerful play: The Big Ship Sails
This one-act play explores the British Child Migration Scheme of the 20th century and uses genuine testimonies to expose the shocking stories of some of the children involved.

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Amdram Supplies




"Amdram Supplies” - focusses on supplying consumables and equipment hire across all theatrical departments to produce a high quality show.
The company was born out of not wishing to purchase consumables in bulk, and not having the time to shop across several different suppliers within a busy pre-production schedule. I also wanted to hire high quality equipment within a tight time frame for tech week and production week, alongside friendly and professional stage and technical crew.
We launch July 1st 2018, and we will offer everything required to put on a production; consumables for sound, lighting, stage management, wigs, wardrobe or tools, and also offering high quality, professional equipment hire, with or without technicians that can train amateur theatre operators.
Please have a look through our website, which I’m continually in the process of updating - www.amdramsupplies.co.uk

Contact: 07528 334 929 or will@amdramsupplies.co.uk or via website


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Romiley Little Theatre (RLT)

Romiley Little Theatre

Facebook  Twitter  



Dates Required: Rehearsals in Romiley, performances @HYDEFESTTHEATRE May 16 to 19

Unfortunately our guitarist (acoustic) for this show has had to withdraw on health grounds. Looking for a replacement.

Production: Nell Gwynn

Contact: via website or social media

Nell Gwynn

Posted 29/03/2018


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ARC House

Harrow on the Hill, London


Arc House Arc House Arc House


Contact: Reena.Patel@harrow.gov.uk

This is an exciting venue called ARC House which is located near Harrow on the Hill Metropolitan train station.

There is a magnificent outdoor performance space with stage, lighting and sound equipment which would be the ideal space for theatrical and dance performances.

The function room is also available for private hire for birthday parties, conferences, business meetings, dance/fitness classes and charity events.

It is an ideal venue for you and your business and will provide you with an excellent opportunity to showcase your business and talents in Harrow.

ARC House is only 100 meters from Harrow on The Hill train station. It boasts a café that serves delicious food and drink. It is the perfect place to rest your feet and unwind.

For more information, please visit our website at www.harrowcommercialservices.co.uk or you can call us on 020 8736 6810 where we will be happy to assist you.

Contact us for availability

Arc House Arc House Arc House

Posted 28/03/2018


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Actors Anonymous

Melbourne, Australia

Contact: Roslyn Gold rosgold@gmail.com


One Day in '67 by Mitch Torres

Hi there we are a private playreading group in Melbourne and would like to read Mitch Torres play "One day in '67" Could anyone help me in locating a hard or digital copies ?
We have belonged to the Victorian Drama League Library for over 30 years
Thanks so much
Cheers Roslyn

Date Req'd: ASAP

Posted 30/05/2017