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The Gaiety School Of Acting

The Gaiety School Of Acting

If you missed the deadline for One Year Part-Time at The Gaiety School Of Acting - Fear not! - They have added extra classes to accommodate more students.

The One Year Part-Time courses are for the adult student who is committed to the pursuit of excellence in the field of acting.

Apply to Performance Year, Advanced Performance Year or Performance Theatre Company until 1st of September!

Apply online at https://gaietyschool.com/one-year-part-time/

Application deadline is 1ST SEPTEMBER 2018

Posted on 17/07/2018


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Durham Opera Ensemble

Durham Opera Ensemble

Facebook  Twitter  Instagram  

HMS Pinafore

Author: Gilbert & Sullivan

HMS Pinafore


Venue: The Cockpit, Marylebone

Box Office: thecockpit.org.uk

Friday 31st August (7.30pm) and 1st September (2.30pm and 7.30pm)

Following the sell-out productions of "Opera of Ages" and The Magic Flute, DOE have had a fantastic year, most recently with their run of HMS PInafore in Durham. We are delighted to bring this wonderful performance to London this Summer. Featuring "When I was a Lad" and "I am the Monarch of the Sea", HMS Pinafore marks one of Gilbert and Sullivan's most renowned operettas.
Set on a ship, this show explores the relationship between Josephine, the Captain's daughter, and Ralph, a lower-class sailor. Social class becomes an obstacle for the pair as Josephine's father attempts to marry her to the First Lord of the Admiralty. Will his mind be changed when he finds himself in a similar position, when Buttercup, a nanny, falls in love with him?

Posted 17/07/2018


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Grasmere Players




We do at a least two productions a year - one during June and July and the other around Christmas.
Every October we run a subsidised Youth Theatre course for children aged 8 - 16

Contact via our website or social media


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Port Sunlight Players

Port Sunlight Players


Methodist Church on Bromborough Road, Bebington (opposite Sunlight bar and restaurant), Merseyside


Contact: Register your interest and see character / audition info. here portsunlightplayers.co.uk

Auditions: Sunday 16th September 2018 2-5pm
Auditionees will be shortlisted and call backs will then be on Sunday 23rd September.
Performance: Thursday 28th (evening), Friday 29th (evening) and Saturday 30th (matinee and evening) March 2019 at the Gladstone Theatre in Port Sunlight

We’re auditioning for our March 2019 production of ‘The Sound of Music’
Rehearsals will begin 2nd January for principles and 7th January for chorus. There will be 2-3 rehearsals per week (Mon, Wed and Fri) with additional Sundays closer to the show.
Audition pieces will be given out on Sunday 16th with time to read through and rehearse prior to auditions.

Posted 15/07/2018


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Great War Theatre

Great War Theatre


Contact: GreatWarTheatre@kent.ac.uk or via our website or social media

During the First World War just under 3000 new plays were written and licensed for performance across England, Scotland and Wales. Around one quarter of these dealt directly with the war. These plays have mostly been forgotten. However the scripts, their performances, and audience responses to them, offer a unique and unexplored insight into experiences of, and attitudes towards the Great War whilst it was taking place.

If you're looking for something different to perform, esp. for the #WW1 centenary, check out the original plays written during the First World War at our website.

All are free for performance, adapting etc.

Located at: Great War Theatre Project, School of Arts, Jarman Building, University of Kent, Canterbury CT5 1RU

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Act One Theatre School

Act One Theatre School

Facebook    Twitter    

The Place Theatre, Bedfordshire

Contact: Sally 07988 762170

Summer Drama Course

Summer Drama Course

13th - 17th August

£150 per pupil with sibling discount

Posted 13/07/2018


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John Lyon’s Theatre

John Lyon’s Theatre

1-10 Keeley Street, Covent Garden, London WC2B 4BA

City Lit

City Lit

Venue Theatre Space to Hire

I manage a newly refurbished theatre called the John Lyon’s Theatre located in the heart of London, between Covent Garden and Holborn.
The space can accommodate up to 110 people for stand up reception styled events, 100 people theatre style on retractable seating or 80 people cabaret style. Our multifaceted, fully accessible theatre is the ideal space for product launches, AGMs, concerts, company presentations, theatre productions, rehearsals, award ceremonies and lectures. The theatre is available for private hire during the day or evening on a day/half day rate. Please see below for our venue page.

Space dimensions: 9.158m wide (narrowing to 8.93m at the stage) x 13.1m long x 5.4 m high. The rig height is 4.4m. Floor space 119m sq.

Available for any groups that would like to rehearse in it or have it as a permanent location.

Get in touch if you would like more information with Carys Williams Carys.Williams@citylit.ac.uk

Many thanks

Carys Williams | Theatre & Technical Manager, John Lyons Theatre
City Lit

See our latest brochure here



Posted 19/10/2017


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Pavilion Opera

Gorringe's, Lewes, East Sussex UK

Contact: For further information, please contact Philip Taylor on 01273 472503 or philipt@gorringes.co.uk

Pavilion Opera Costume Auction

Pavilion Opera Costume Auction Pavilion Opera Costume Auction

Pavilion Opera Costume Auction

Auction: Wednesday 24th October 2018

Viewing on:
Friday 19th October 9am to 5pm
Saturday 20th October 9am to 1pm
Sunday 21st October 10am to 1pm
Monday 22nd October 9am to 5pm
Tuesday 23rd October 9am to 5pm

We will be auctioning the entire stock of Pavilion Opera including costumes, wigs, weapons & props on 24th October

Over 600 lots that will be arranged by production. The costumes are from 23 productions:
Macbeth, Don Carlos, Il trovatore, Maria Stuarda: (all c.medieval), Die Entführung auf dem Serail, The Marriage of Figaro, Don Giovanni, Cosi fan tutte, Lucia di Lammermoor, Cenerentola: (all c18th C), the Barber of Seville, Norma, l'Elisir d'amore, Don Pasquale, La Bohème, Traviata, Merry Widow, Die Fledermaus, Madama Butterfly, Tosca (all c19th C); Carmen (1930s), Tales of Hoffmann and The Magic Flute (fairytale)

Here is a link to the details of the auction www.gorringes.co.uk

Posted 11/07/2018


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A Love Letter to Stephanie

A Love Letter to Stephanie
by Morley Shulman

Contact via Facebook

If any theatre groups would like to receive a copy of my anthology of one-act plays, "A Love Letter to Stephanie", (including award winners NAKED and BENNY & BORIS) please d.m. me with your details.

An anthology of one-act plays. Suitable for community theatre and school productions.


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Clacton Amateur Dramatic Society (CADS)

Clacton Amateur Dramatic Society (CADS)

Facebook  Twitter  

Clacton, Essex


Production: The Accrington Pals

Dates Required: Rehearsals start September. 2 nights a week and show in November.


Contact via our website or socail media

Posted 08/07/2018


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Backing Tracks Vs. A Live Band: Which Is Better?

London Arrangements Choosing whether to perform with a backing track over a live band can be difficult. Particularly in musical theatre performances, it’s deemed more difficult to generate an atmosphere and emotional connection with the audience when you’re lacking the raw sounds of real instruments on stage.

However, with technology advancing and the quality of mp3 backing tracks massively improving, could this be a money-saving way that performers should be opting for? Let’s take a look.

Why Choose Backing Tracks?

1. Heavy Style of Music

If your performance includes a heavy style of music (e.g. alt-rock, metal, pop) which incorporates lots of different instruments to add depth and texture to your songs, you’ll want to play to a backing track. This will help you perform your song so that it sounds like an actual pop, rock or metal record. Otherwise, your audience may find that it’s lacking something and hence can cause for a negative effect on their enjoyment.

When incorporating a live band to your stage, you should remember that sadly band members can be slightly flaky. Even if you choose to perform with a band, it’s vital that you have a backup version of their contribution to the song. Whether they turn up or not, you’ll be able to ensure viewers receive music that sounds how it’s supposed to sound.

2. Reduce Expenses

Regardless of the style of music, it’s common for performers to side against taking a live keyboardist or sampler to a performance and opt for a backing track instead. It reduces costs massively. Assuming the instrument can be recorded to a high sound quality, it shouldn’t affect the performance too much - if any - and hence can deliver a great show for the audience at a low cost.

Moving on, even though keyboards and other orchestral instrumentation isn’t normally easy to record and produce high quality backing tracks, artists can still get around this. By using live vocals or adding vocal harmonies where necessary, the band will be able to perform without sounding as though it’s lacking instrumentation. This is a great cost-saving alternative.

3. You Can (Usually) Depend On Backing Tracks

Plenty of band members will share anecdotes of times where they’ve sadly been let down by their own bandmates or by session musicians not showing up. One of the best ways to solve these issues is to use a backing track instead.

Other than human error in forgetting the track, it’s almost always reliable and as previously mentioned, doesn’t cost you a great deal. If you’ve already paid for a no-show band member, this can end up costing a lot for very little gain.

For musical theatre performers, they’ll know that delivering a high-quality show requires many bodies involved. There’s a need for people in different areas such as lighting, wardrobe, makeup and of course, sound. Keeping everyone in check can be hard and so, reducing the number of people involved, reduces the number of no-shows or people turning up late. Plus, it helps to keep costs low too.

Often paying someone to help with the smooth running of your performance can be more expensive than buying a backing track. Unless you’re lucky enough to obtain dedicated musicians and performers. London Arrangements

4. They Don’t Make Mistakes

Continuing with the thought that backing tracks are reliable, they never make mistakes. Other than a potential technical glitch during the performance, they play exactly how you want them to play and exactly how you’ve rehearsed. As a result, it means that you don’t have to worry that they may mess up chords, break a string or hit a bum note.

You can focus your attention on your singing or acting without thinking the band playing beside you on stage will affect the quality of your performance. This helps to keep everything professional and finely polished so that your audience can enjoy the performance they came for.

Why Choose A Live Band?

Looking at it from the other perspective, there are some cons to backing tracks which can be a put off for performers considering using them.

London Arrangements 1. Laid-Back Style of Music

In contrast to the those playing a heavy style of music, there’s those that play laid-back music. As it sounds, laid-back music involves much subtler sounds and consists of fewer, instruments. In the case of artists, they’ll often decide to perform an acoustic or stripped back version of their song, particularly if they’re playing at a small venue in front of a smaller crowd. Here, there’s potential for backing tracks to actually clutter their songs.

Keeping their performance simple with a single instrument, such as a guitar or piano, could give users more of a chance to connect with the performer on a deeper level, feeling as though they’ve seen an exclusive, unique version of your song.

For those in musical theatre, the same can apply. However, as theatre productions usually involve acting, unless a character is known to perform with an instrument, it’s best to stick to a backing track. This keeps the attention solely on the actor and allows them to focus on their lines and stage positioning. Sometimes adding an additional element like playing an instrument can be challenging, even for the best performers

2. Audio Errors

No matter how hard you try to make a performance run smoothly, even the most organised performers can experience technical issues with their backing tracks. Whether that’s the mp3 file itself corrupting, the equipment used to play it malfunctioning or the in-house PA experiencing issues. It’s always good to have backups, whether that’s multiple versions of your backing tracks, a tablet in case your laptop unexpectedly breaks or spare chargers.

Alternatively, you could look at bringing a single piece of equipment such as a guitar or keyboard to enable yourself to play acoustic in the worst case scenario. However, with technology continuing to advance and teams becoming more skilled to help refine these technical issues, this is becoming less likely to happen.

London Arrangements 3. You Can’t Be Spontaneous

Though being pre-recorded is great for ensuring the performance sounds professional and how you desired, it means that if you’d like to be spontaneous and play to your crowd’s emotions and feedback, you can’t.

This can be deemed as a dangerous game to play as most viewers will want to really “feel” your performance rather than just listening to what they do when playing the same music in their own time.

Though that’s a key point to note for artists, for theatre performers, the need for spontaneity isn’t really applicable. After all, actors are following a thought-out script. Even moments on stage that you may think are planned, aren’t. Funnily enough, if actors have to be spontaneous on stage, it means the performance isn’t running smoothly and hence, can be a performer’s worst nightmare.

4. Little Visual Impact

If you have fewer bodies on stage due to not needing a keyboardist and similar, you can end up reducing the visual impact of your performance. Sometimes having more bodies adds different dimensions to the stage, giving users from either side of the venue, people to focus on and look at.

Not only this, but some members on stage can give more energy in a performance and hence, if you take them out of the equation, you’re likely to reduce the quality of your show and hence the enjoyment for your viewers.

5. Musicians Miss Out on Work

This is probably one of the stronger cons to using backing tracks over a live band. For musicians, it can be a extremely disappointing to feel their skill of playing an instrument - which no doubt took years to master - is being replaced by an mp3 backing track. I believe that’s something most artists who using backing tracks when performing, can agree on.

However, in order to produce a backing track that sounds like the real instruments, musicians are required to give a live performance which is then recorded.

As a result, although this doesn’t open the doors for lots of amateur musicians, it means that in the future, if they can record their performances to a high quality, they’re likely to make money from either selling their backing tracks or from a live concert.

6. People Will Say You’re Doing ‘Karaoke’

Sometimes, no matter how good your performance is and how good it sounds, when using a backing track there’ll be people out there who can’t help but exclaim ‘it’s karaoke’. Sadly, that’s something that’s unavoidable.

However, that shouldn’t be a reason not to use backing tracks if you find them more reliable, affordable and that the majority of your audience still loves your performance. After all, there’s no pleasing everybody all of the time.


Of course there are pros and cons to using a backing track in a live performance likewise, there are to using a live band. Hopefully, you’ll now have a better idea of the benefits and downsides to each, to make a more informed decision.

Stephen Robinson, London Arrangements

London Arrangements specialises in the production of professional music backing tracks, ranging from stage and screen, swing and jazz, to classical and easy listening genres.

Posted on 07/07/2018

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Scartho Grimsby DN333DT Contact: alucas4168@gmail.com

Organ Yamaha d85


Organ Yamaha d85
Know of anyone who would be interested in my late dads large organ.. ?
We have to move on the 9th of July and don't really want to dump it at the tip..

July 2018

Posted 24/07/2015

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Post 60
Recent Post from one of our readers - 29/06/2018
Name: Zoe Avern
email address:
pr@godalmingoperatic.org - Click here


Hello everyone,

Zoe from Godalming Operatic Society here - I'm seeking some advice and opinion from other amateur theatre groups as to which online ticketing solution they use and which they would recommend.

We're finally coming out of the dark ages and wanting to add a digital method of purchasing tickets to our (already wonderful) but very manual process and are looking for the best value / quality interface out there.

All advice gratefully received: pr@godalmingoperatic.org

Kind regards,

Peter's response:

Hi Zoe,

Thanks for posting your question. I shall make sure it gets published in the #Advice section of the www.dramagroups.com website and its associated Facebook, Google+ and Twitter pages within the next 24 hours. I shall ask people to respond directly to you if they have an opinion to offer.

Best Wishes,


Would you like to comment on this? contact@dramagroups.com

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Crondall Entertainers

Crondall Entertainers

Facebook  Twitter  


Contact: alanbirdsworth@hotmail.co.uk


October 2018

Wanted 1930s costume and set pieces for October show

Looking for single or multiple costumes and or set pieces to loan for a production set in the 1930s any help welcomed.

Posted 26/06/2018


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BROS Theatre Company


Facebook  Google+  

A Class Act

A Class Act 5 June - 9 June 2018

Venue: Hampton Hill Theatre

Our first night audience was raving about A Class Act!

“Stylish choreography”

“Total class in every department - performers, band, staging”

“I’m in love with the cast"

"Impeccably performed”

“Witty script and really poignant"

"Beautifully intimate”

“A little gem of a show”

But don’t just take their word for it; give Love Island a miss and come see this wonderful show for yourself!

For tickets, please visit: TicketSource


Posted on 07/06/2018


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Make-Up Artist Work Experience Required

I am a make-up lecture at Sussex downs college in Lewes. currently seeking work experience for my make-up group. They are all very passionate about theatrical make-up and I was seeking if by any chance they could have the opportunity in working together with the art performance in delivering make-up and gaining experience within the make-up industry in theatrical

yours sincerely

Nelia Mici
Level 3 makeup artists lecture
Sussex downs college, Lewes

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Amdram Supplies




"Amdram Supplies” - focusses on supplying consumables and equipment hire across all theatrical departments to produce a high quality show.
The company was born out of not wishing to purchase consumables in bulk, and not having the time to shop across several different suppliers within a busy pre-production schedule. I also wanted to hire high quality equipment within a tight time frame for tech week and production week, alongside friendly and professional stage and technical crew.
We launch July 1st 2018, and we will offer everything required to put on a production; consumables for sound, lighting, stage management, wigs, wardrobe or tools, and also offering high quality, professional equipment hire, with or without technicians that can train amateur theatre operators.
Please have a look through our website, which I’m continually in the process of updating - www.amdramsupplies.co.uk

Contact: 07528 334 929 or will@amdramsupplies.co.uk or via website


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Actors Anonymous

Melbourne, Australia

Contact: Roslyn Gold rosgold@gmail.com


One Day in '67 by Mitch Torres

Hi there we are a private playreading group in Melbourne and would like to read Mitch Torres play "One day in '67" Could anyone help me in locating a hard or digital copies ?
We have belonged to the Victorian Drama League Library for over 30 years
Thanks so much
Cheers Roslyn

Date Req'd: ASAP

Posted 30/05/2017