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TV Castings

BRAND NEW PRIMETIME singing competition for a MAJOR UK broadcaster casting now!

Have you always dreamed of being transformed into one of your favourite music icons to perform on a massive stage!

Do you think you sound like FREDDIE MERCURY or TINA TURNER?

Perhaps similar to the positive vibes of STEVIE WONDER or ROD STEWART, LEWIS CAPALDI or ED SHEERAN?!

Are you a powerhouse like WHITNEY HOUSTON?!

WHOEVER IT IS, now is your chance to have a go!


We are searching for all kinds of talented singers, from undiscovered acts to established professionals, to completely TRANSFORM into their dream music icons to win a BIG cash prize.

For more information and to apply, just click: www.singingapplications.tv

Posted on 16/01/2021

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The South Devon Players Theatre & Film Company

The South Devon Players Theatre & Film Company

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The Lost Girl

Author: Germaine Shames, based on the eponymous novel by D.H. Lawrence

The Lost Girl


Venue: Online - Streamed virtual theatre performed from the actors home studios

Box Office: Tickets £10
Tickets & information from southdevonplayers.com

Sat 30th January 2021 7:30pm

Alvina Houghton, the headstrong daughter of a widowed Midlands draper, comes of age just as her father’s business is failing. In a desperate attempt to regain his fortune and secure his daughter’s proper place in society, James Houghton buys a theatre. Among the travelling performers he employs is Ciccio, a sensual Italian who immediately captures Alvina’s attention. A celebration of freedom, however fleeting, and a testament to the power of the imagination to transform even the most mundane life. The script has been vetted by international D.H. Lawrence scholar, Catherine Brown. Jessica Levinson Young, Artistic Director of Untold Theatre, writes, “I absolutely loved this script for The Lost Girl. It has incredible pace and the dialogue simply leaps off the page!" . The script won Starlight Theater's 2019-20 Playwriting Award . Another of Germaine's D.H. Lawrence adaptations, THE VIRGIN and the GYPSY, received a reading at the 2018 Festival of New American Theatre.

Posted 16/01/2021


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Chichester and Bognor Regis

The Drama School with a Heart for All Ages
Yes, you heard right – as the only multi-generational drama school in Sussex (welcoming people aged 5 to 95) – we’re here with drama fun for everyone!
We’re not obsessed with churning out performance superstars – that’s just not us. We see our pupils and participants as part of an extended family, and as such, believe that nurturing their unique qualities, developing their social skills and having fun are just as important as improving their acting abilities.
Our infectious energy and supportive spirit are rooted in hands-on teaching and drama theory. Founded by Suzy Duxbury ATCL, an experienced Trinity and LAMDA teacher, our Youth Drama programme is carefully structured to get the best out of our pupils’ natural talents while our Adult Drama programme offers participants a low pressure environment to explore their inner thespian!
Whilst in-person classes operate in Chichester and Bognor Regis, our online activities mean we are also able to welcome those from across the UK.
So what are you waiting for? Whether you’re keen to help your child’s personal development or want an enjoyable new hobby for yourself (with no pressure to learn any lines!), come join the Dramatis family to experience the life changing benefits of drama!

Contact via our website or social media

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Walk of Shame by Glass Half Full Theatre

Reviewed by: Elaine Chapman @elainec46302904

Review date: 11th Jan 2021

Writers Stephanie Silver and Amelia Marshall-Lovsey bring to the online stage “Walk of Shame”, produced by Caley Powell for Glass Half Full Productions.

Stephanie Silver’s performance as Alice the disillusioned, bored girlfriend of Billy. Where the idea of another night in doesn’t appeal to her. After cooking her fish and chips from his freezer he mixes the mayonnaise in the ketchup which Alice loathes and he knows this. This tiny catalyst is the final straw and her anger rages inside and she decides to go out and “get some”.

The no holds barred attitude from Alice leaves the viewer under no disillusion about what she is looking for and how/where she intends to find it. Then enters Liam (Sam Lando) who fuelled up on cocaine and alcohol shares the same aim as Alice, to get “some”.

There are no grey areas around the rules of consent. No means exactly that, No. Alice clearly states “No” drugs and alcohol are no excuse for not understanding this. Which in Liam’s state and through his dialogue means he reads the situation differently or does he?

The powerful language throughout the performance pushes home the passion and energy of Alice’s intense emotions. Fueled by rage her heart steers the storyline throughout most the performance.

Once again Glass half Full Theatre bring to life another modern-day issue without any “sugar coating” or censorship. Please be aware that this production carries a strong trigger warning.

Glass Half Full plan to take this production on tour when restrictions are lifted. Taking this powerful piece directly to their targeted audience in Colleges and Universities educating the students to understand and be clear about the rules of consent. An important rule to be understood and adhered to by everyone.

This product along with 51 other shows is part of the new Season 2 at the Online Space (link available below) from the 8th-31st January 2021. It’s all free to watch yet any donations made would be gratefully received.

Four Stars


@LightsDownProd https://www.facebook.com/LightsDownProductions/

See the full review here theatreandartreviews.wordpress.com/


Posted on 11/01/2021


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FIRST CUT 2021 Film Festival to encourage diversity in Filmmaking at FLAME UNIVERSITY!

Posted by Editor Deepak Sinha

What's so cool about the FIRST CUT 2021 FILM FESTIVAL at FLAME UNIVERSITY is, the festival wants you to use all the small and big equipment you have, to make stories. Be it mobile phones, DSLR or story-boarding, animations. FIRST CUT 2021 in collaboration with the FIRST CAT brings a curation of films from around the world, to bring out the curiosity in your stories!

Read more: www.rasaaurdrama.com

Posted on 10/01/2021

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Rob Davis

Contact rob.davis@blueyonder.co.uk

Location: Shropshire, England UK

Plays by Rob Davis:

I appreciate that events are on hold for the foreseeable future but I have several one-act plays available for your consideration, there is no charge for using them but a couple of tickets would be appreciated!
Here are the downloadable links:-

At The End Of The Pier a monologue by Rob Davis


BARTLEBY the SCRIVENER by Herman Melville dramatised by Rob Davis


Three’s A Crowd a One-Act Light Thriller by Rob Davis


Old Soldier a One Act Play by Rob Davis
(this won the One Act Festival 2002)


The Watchers Watched A One-Act Play about the Past, the Present, and the Grey Area in between by ROB DAVIS
(new one, my favourite)


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Everyone’s Theatre Company (formerly Opera di Nepotist)

Everyone’s Theatre Company




The Tower of Fable

Contact: via our website or social media

Auditions: VIRTUAL in December 2020
Performance: Tuesday 16th February 2021
Painshill Park – three outdoor performances of a short pantomime.

Characters: DAME FAIRY GODMOTHER If other interested parties, it may be possible to create additional characters.
Rehearsals: Initially online. Face-to-face tba (socially distanced as required). At the venue 15.2.21.
(All Government guidelines will be followed.)
Everyone’s Theatre Company is an amateur not-for-profit community theatre group. Previous productions have included ‘Sweeney Todd’ (Gough Square/Rose Theatre, Kingston/Normansfield), ‘Into the Woods’ (Edinburgh Fringe), ‘Cosi fan Tutte’ (Bowes Museum/Brighton Royal Pavilion), pantomime (various, including The Battersea Barge), ‘Ripples on a Pond’ (Leicester Square Theatre), etc.

Posted 18/12/2020


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RAD Times Media

RAD Times Office, 3rd Floor, Office number 14, Naseeb Apartments, Ritz Carlton Road, Yerwada, Pune - 411006

Register now: 8879703808

Workshop: Script Analysis and Monologues with Rangaai Theatre!

Workshop: Script Analysis and Monologues with Rangaai Theatre!

Mon 28th - Thu 31st Dec 2020 7 - 9pm

RAD Times Media presents, in association with Rangaai Theatre Company, a Theatre Workshop for Working Professionals.

Script Analysis & Monologues - A 4 days workshop for working professionals. Come, enhance your skills and understanding of preparing a monologue or any script for that matter.

Workshop Takeaways:
• Learn to decipher behind the lines meaning and playwrights thought process.
• Learn to develop details and objectives of your character and align them with the intentions of the playwright.
• Learn Voice modulation techniques to sharpen your dialogue delivery.
• Learn the technique to identify and analyze emotions and to use it in your performance About the workshop:
• This workshop will be conducted over a period of 4 days, for 2 hours each, so a total of 8 hours of theory and practical training
• The batch will contain 10 participants
• The workshop will be conducted in a Multi-lingual fashion with Hindi as the primary language • You will be required to submit a short 5 - 8 mins monologue of your choice (Hindi/ Marathi/ English) at the time of registration in pdf format
• All the COVID precautions will be taken, such as temperature checks and recording, Sanitisation of hands and bags, and the wearing of a mask.

About Rangaai Theatre Company:
Mumbai's first and only immersive sensory theatre company. Creators of the first and the longest-running immersive sensory play "The Darkroom 2.0 - An Immersive Sensory Theatre Experience“. Also, the only theatre company currently running # Gargikand - a one-of-kind Virtual Interactive Murder Mystery experience first time in India over Zoom and WhatsApp. Follow us on FB - www.facebook.com/rangaaitheatrecompany Instagram - @rangaaitheatre

About The Instructor:
Tushar Tukaram Dalvi is the founder and artistic director of Rangaai Theatre Company. A full-time theatre practitioner, writer, director, theatre coach, and actor. He has also worked in the Youth Theatre Productions of Live Theatre, Newcastle, United Kingdom. He began working in theatre in 2006 with intercollegiate theatre competitions. He has since then worked with several prominent theatre directors such as Sandesh Jadhav, Prasad Khandekar, Vaibhav Satpute, Bijon Mondal, Faezeh Jalali, Atul Kumar, Sujay Sable, etc. He has himself written and designed more than 12 plays in Hindi, Marathi, and English for public shows and corporate assignments. He started RTC in 2016 and has consistently delivered some of the unique and pioneering concepts in the immersive sensory theatre format. Many NEWS media have spoken about RTC's past work in their online and print newspapers, radio channels, and magazines. ( Article: https://bit.ly/37NSxgv)

Posted 12/12/2020


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Bloomsbury Academic Drama & Performance Studies

Bloomsbury Academic Drama & Performance Studies

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Play publishers for over 100 years, with titles on acting, theatre performance and production.
Home to Methuen Drama, The Arden Shakespeare and Oberon Books, Bloomsbury is the leading publisher in drama and the performing arts. We publish thousands of plays, critical texts, coursebooks and reference works, as well as the award-winning digital library Drama Online, so whether you’re a theatre-goer, student, scholar, practitioner or actor, there’s lots to explore.

Contact via our website or social media

London - Oxford - New York - New Delhi - Sydney

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Craig Tyler (Baggy)


Facebook  Instagram  youTube  
Craig Tyler (Baggy)



Born in London, UK. Craig Tyler (aka Baggy) is a highly sought after Bassist, Vocalist and Frontman with an international profile, available for Live, Studio and TV performances.

Craig has been consistently at the top of his profession for decades and possesses great improvisation skills on both Bass and Vocals covering a wide range of genres from Pop, Funk, Rock, Hip Hop and Soul.

Contact: craig@thetalentevents.com or via my website or social media

Posted on 02/11/2020


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Dress Circle Costumiers


Brook House, Maldon Road, Witham, Essex, CM8 3HY

Dress Circle Costumiers

Dress Circle Costumiers plans to RETIRE at the close of 2020

Oct 2020

We wish to inform you of our Retirement Stock Sale.

Everything has to go!!

Should you wish to purchase costume sets from our stock for future shows or a small selection of costumes for your wardrobe please get in touch by –

Telephone 01376515500
Email info@dresscirclecostumiers.com
Facebook or Twitter
A wide range of images is available on both the website & Facebook pages.
We look forward to hearing from you to discuss your requirements.

Posted 20/10/2020

Trudi Shah Trudi Shah Trudi Shah Trudi Shah

Posted 02/10/2020

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Milton Musical Society

Milton Musical Society

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New Milton, Hampshire



Milky White Cow model

We need a Milky White Cow model for our upcoming production of INTO THE WOODS next year. Many other groups will have performed this show so will have had to source said cow!!
Please get in touch if you can help.


Posted 13/10/2020

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In March 2020, Voluntary Arts launched #CreativeNetwork - a series of online get-togethers open to anyone involved in arts, culture and creativity in order to connect and collaborate in unusual times. Facilitating these conversations has enabled people from across the UK and Ireland to talk with others, develop ideas and projects, and find sustainable ways forward in changing circumstances.

Contact: via our website or social media

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Post 68
Recent Post from one of our readers - 05/10/2020
Name: Claire Brown


From browncb@hotmail.co.uk

Historical amateur dramatics

Hi, I’m not sure if this is the right place to enquire, so apologies in advance if so.
I am trying to find info on a distant relative. I have a newspaper cutting saying she belonged to the West Sussex players. She played in The Queen and the Rebels, I think early 60’s, and Witness for the prosecution in 1959. Her name is Elizabeth Marriott.
Is there any kind of archive for past plays/actors and actresses in amateur dramatics? Or could you point in a direction where I might find more info, would love to know what other parts she played.
Many thanks,

Peter's response:

Hi Claire,

I'm afraid I don't have any information on the West Sussex Players and I don't know of any archive for actors / actresses appearing in amateur theatre. Certainly in the early 60s there wouldn't have been digital records. I have found a website http://www.westsussex.info/theatre-groups.shtml West Sussex info which contains a section on theatre groups. I couldn't see the Players listed but they may have someone on staff who might remember?

I will post your query in the #Advice section of www.dramagroups.com asking anyone who is able to help to contact you directly via your email address.

I wish you luck in your search and would be interested to hear if you are successful in tracking your relative down.

Best Wishes,


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Jazz Hands Glasgow Productions

Jazz Hands Glasgow Productions

Facebook  Twitter  Instagram  youTube  

Glasgow, Scotland


Wizard of Oz

Production: Wizard of Oz

Jazz Hands Glasgow Productions based in Glasgow are looking for a volunteer to become our Musical Director for Wizard of Oz Pantomime.

Monday nights 7pm-9pm at Clyde Community Hall in Ibrox, Glasgow

This is a voluntary position and is a fantastic opportunity to add to your CV

Interested? Then please email info@jazzhandsscotland.co.uk

Posted 22/06/2020


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Make-Up Artist Work Experience Required


I’m Amanda. I’m currently doing make up artistry at West College Scotland. I am in my first year level 6.

I am looking for any work experience I could do. Anything at all would be great. Any local groups who need makeup artists for their productions do please get in touch.

Thank you


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Create Studios

Create Studios

CREATE STUDIOS, 120A Hartopp Road, Clarendon Park, Leicester, LE2 1WF


Create Studios

Create Studios Create Studios Create Studios Create Studios

Create Studios Create Studios Create Studios Create Studios

Studio Space Available

Contact: info@createstudiosleciester.co.uk or 07976743858 or via our website

At Create Studios, we have 5 bespoke studios available for hire, which is perfect for Drama Groups/Dance groups. We have many rehearsals take place at our Studios, and our welcoming staff are always happy to help and go the extra mile for those in the Creative Industry!
If you have an event coming up in the future,or would like somewhere to rehearse and perform shows etc, Create Studios might be the perfect place!

We're located in Clarendon Park, Leicester. Create is somewhat like a tar-dis as you don't realise just how big it is until you walk inside!

With our bespoke studios, we have great working spaces for freelancers and groups to use for their creative purposes. Additionally, we have had an influx of musicians booking in with us as we offer a great music room for lessons and rehearsals in Studio 2, as well as larger choirs who rehearse in our larger studios for events.

Posted 20/12/2019


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Sarah Flaherty


Contact: sarahpflaherty@gmail.com


Last Tango in Little Grimley

I'm looking for a copy of Last Tango in Little Grimley to read but cant seem to get it delivered to me as I'm based in Ireland

Posted 22/11/2019

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