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No Pantomime Season this year?

The Culture Secretary has warned that the return of theatre performances without social distancing remains “some way off” following the Government’s announcement of a £1.57 billion support package for the arts.

Oliver Dowden told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme the relaxation of guidelines, such as on planes, has only been implemented in “exceptionally limited circumstances” and insisted “slow and baby steps” must be taken.

Theatres, along with museums, galleries, music venues, independent cinemas and heritage sites, will be eligible for the emergency grants and loans.

Mr Dowden also told BBC Breakfast it would be difficult to get theatres reopened in time for the Christmas pantomime season.

He added: “I would love to be able to announce that pantos can return but I have to say it will be quite challenging to be able to get to that point.

“Because if you think about a panto, and we all love going to the panto for the joy of it, but it also supports local theatres, you’ve got granny through to grandchild all packed in together, you know how kids are encouraged to shout and scream at panto season, there’s lots of sort of interaction.”

Mr Dowden said he is working with Public Health England to see if the risks can be mitigated but he wants “to be realistic about the challenges of getting us back to that point any time soon”.

See the full article here www.largsandmillportnews.com

Posted on 07/07/2020

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Mix it! Arts Academy

Mix it! Arts Academy

Facebook  Instagram  


Contact: Any queries pre-sign up, please email hello@enteredem.co.uk

Mix it 2020

Mix It! 2020 Virtual Summer School

27th – 31st July 2020

Supported by Attenborough Arts Centre

2020 Mix it! Arts Academy Virtual Summer School will run from 27th – 31st July 2020.
£40 per household (£25 deposit on booking)

We will be using the fab ‘zoom’ platform to have our larger ensemble activities, such as singing and dancing all together, plus breakaway sessions with out tutors in smaller groups, so we can develop ideas, improvise and work on scenes as you would normally at a Mix it! Summer School but through the power of the internet. The week will also have a drop in lunchtime social session to make sure you get time to chat, make new friends and create some of those hilarious Mix it! Bloopers!
The end of the week we will share our work with friends and families online, in a show that can be part live and part pre-recorded film of your fantastic production for out 2020 theme ‘A Night at the Fairground!’

Daily 30 minute group ‘ensemble’ sessions
9.30-10am and 2.30-3pm

Daily ‘Break away’ smaller group sessions
10-10.30am and 2-2.30pm

Working towards an end live and pre-recorded show!

Using sharing platforms such as Zoom with digital effects!

Extra downloadable activities and lunchtime drop in social
Daily 12-12.30pm

More details and booking form on our website

Posted 06/07/2020


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Regeneration Theatre Project

Regeneration Theatre Project

Facebook  Twitter  Instagram  


RTP is a Theatre Project in Lincoln with the primary goal of making theatre and bringing life. Booking us or joining us? Send us an email.

Contact: regenerationtheatre@outlook.com or via our website or social media

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The Inn Theatre Company

The Inn Theatre Company

Facebook  Twitter  Instagram  

Brief Chronicles

Author: from the works of William Shakespeare

Brief Chronicles



Box Office: TBA see www.theinntheatrecompany.co.uk

29 July 2020

Just because we can't be at Dartmouth Castle for Dartmouth Shakespeare Week this year, doesn't mean we can't give you the yearly Will Fix!
Responsibly shot over three days at the end of June 2020, at Dartmouth Castle, this is Inn Theatre’s thank you to the audiences (past and present), actors, techs, musicians, helpers and the people of Dartmouth who, like us, cannot attend and enjoy Dartmouth Shakespeare Week 2020.
Extracts from 18 plays; 6 sonnets; 3 compiled pieces from Shakespeare,happening over 32 scenes and taking you on a journey through friendship, love and life......and all FREE to watch! Details will be posted closer to the date of release: 29 July 2020.

Posted 02/07/2020


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Sudbury Dramatic Society

Sudbury Dramatic Society

Facebook  Twitter  

Sudbury, Suffolk

The Warden

The Warden

6th - 12th July

Well SDS have done our share of online play readings, quizzes and the like now we have AUDITIONS for an online production of The Warden which we were due to put on at The Quay Theatre in September.

Auditions are to take place during the week 6th - 12th July and can be done by submitting your own video, face to face online or face to face suitably distanced in person. Interested?

More details are on our website or from director Pelham Elliott as well as audition pieces and parts available.

For more information regarding audition pieces, how to submit and any other enquiries, please contact Pelham Elliot phoone or text 07733066589 or email nickpelhame@gmail.com

Posted 29/06/2020


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The White Hart by Judy Upton

Reviewed by: Elaine Chapman @elainec46302904

Review date: 27th Jun 2020

In just under thirteen minutes Jodyanne Richardson delivers a moving and thoughtful monologue by the writer Judy Upton. Truck driver, Hannah shares her experiences of working through the coronavirus lockdown and describes an unnerving incident involving a White Hart which took place the night before while she was out on the road.

Drivers are now confined to separate areas in the loading bays and banned from using staff toilets. She feels they are being treated like ‘lepers’ tucked into these spaces eating homemade food and drinking ‘lukewarm’ coffee from flasks as the usual coffee making facilities they use are in the taped off areas they can no longer access.

Themes of loneliness and alienation run throughout this monologue. Hannah describes missing small details from her working day which for her have been changed to nights. The smiles have been replaced with face masks at her regular depots. To the point where she cannot work out whether the security guard she knows was Steve or Dave behind the mask and with social distancing, in place, her normal chats with supermarket shelf stackers are no longer allowed.

The significance of seeing The White Hart dates back to Arthurian legend. This mysterious animal rarely appears yet when it does it supposedly represents change and apparently, only appears during times of turmoil. Which Hannah finds “slightly unnerving”. It’s questionable as to whether she actually saw this creature and it hasn’t been bought on by tiredness and stress as Hannah finds no evidence on her truck that she had hit the deer as she first assumed.

Richardson’s performance has opened my eyes to how these new working conditions have changed truck drivers a day to day lives. The solo jobs they carry out have almost alienated them from society during lockdown to ensure deliveries have got through. I would think these changes have made their lives very stressful at times.

The platform scenesaver are now showing performances from Off West End Theatres and other Fringe venues from around the world. Giving these productions a virtual stage to show their work from. The scenesaver link is available below, you just need to register for free in order to enter the site. If you are in a position to donate towards any of these shows it would be really appreciated.

Caley Powell set up The Light on Showcase in May 2020 and the company in January 2018 to produce female-led new writing. The White Hart is just one of the pieces produced during the lockdown and in their press release have said: “we didn’t want the lockdown to stop us from creating and promoting new female-led work”. They have most certainly managed to achieve their aim. Please have a look piece and other work available using the links below.

Four Stars

Hannah-Jodyanne Richardson
Writer-Judy Upton
Director-Leah Townley
Producer-Caley Powell


See the full review here theatreandartreviews.wordpress.com/


Posted on 27/06/2020


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City Entertainment Group

City Theatre

Instagram  youTube  

City Entertainment Group


@atsfilms84 is shooting a new music video on the 10th July in Liverpool city centre. They are looking for 3 adult dancers male and female. The genre of the music video is Hip Hop \ African Beats.

It is a 1 day shoot, unpaid, but shot on a 4K Red Camera along with the a great networking opportunity.

(Social Distancing Guidelines will be in place)

Please DM atsfilms84 if you're interested!


Posted on 27/06/2020


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Jazz Hands Glasgow Productions

Jazz Hands Glasgow Productions

Facebook  Twitter  Instagram  youTube  

Glasgow, Scotland


Wizard of Oz

Production: Wizard of Oz

Jazz Hands Glasgow Productions based in Glasgow are looking for a volunteer to become our Musical Director for Wizard of Oz Pantomime.

Monday nights 7pm-9pm at Clyde Community Hall in Ibrox, Glasgow

This is a voluntary position and is a fantastic opportunity to add to your CV

Interested? Then please email info@jazzhandsscotland.co.uk

Posted 22/06/2020


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Lara Manwaring Casting

Lara Manwaring Casting

Twitter  Instagram  


Lara Manwaring has worked in casting since 2009, working for 8 years with Des Hamilton Casting on projects that included Lars von Trier’s NYMPHOMANIAC, Paddy Considine’s TYRANNOSAUR, Channel 4’s TOP BOY and Andrea Arnold’s WUTHERING HEIGHTS.
As a Casting Director she jointly cast projects including BRIMSTONE (starring Dakota Fanning and Guy Pearce), the new Lars Von Trier project THE HOUSE THAT JACK BUILT, and Rachel Tunnard’s ADULT LIFE SKILLS starring Jodie Whitaker.
Since setting up on her own in 2017 her credits include the Channel 4 Coming Up feature ELLEN directed by Mahalia Belo, the Nicolas Cage feature MANDY produced by Spectrevision that premiered at Sundance 2018, BFI/BBC Films feature LYNN AND LUCY directed by Fyzal Boulifa and Aneil Karia’s debut feature SURGE (starring Ben Whishaw) that premiered at Sundance 2020. Lara is currently working on another BBC Films project being made by BAFTA nominated director Billy Lumby and BAFTA winning producer Rupert Lloyd.

Contact: lara@laramanwaring.com or via our website or social media

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London Film School

Looking for a Musical Composer



Production: Amy a musical short film

Dates Required: Shooting starts in September

Hi there!

A team of filmmakers at the London Film School are on the lookout for a composer with a passion for musical theatre and comedy to help our writer and director with the original soundtrack on a brand new film set to start shooting in September.

In this musical short film, Amy, a twenty-something woman living in London, is trying to get back into the dating pool when suddenly her vagina comes to life and forces her to re-examine a night from her past.

They'll need musical chops, a sense of humour, and boundless enthusiasm for the topic we are addressing.

We have a set budget for the film, which can include payment for songwriting, so please don't think this is just another offer just for exposure!

Please let me know if you have any questions or if you would like to get involved please email me at harrykilimanjaro@gmail.com

London Film School London Film School London Film School London Film School London Film School

Posted 04/06/2020


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Gatepost Productions

Gatepost Productions


Contact: mike.denson@gatepostProductions.com

Moonlight Looks Swell On You

Moonlight Looks Swell On You

"Moonlight Looks Swell On You" is a musical written for high school and community theatre groups. It is a romantic comedy set in the 1940s, and features swing music. The show can be performed with a live band, or with digital performance tracks.

You can check it out here: www.youtube.com

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Mark Regan


Contact: markregan82@hotmail.com Mark Regan

Mark Regan

Mark Regan

For Sale

Ceremonial Swords

I have three ceremonial/parade swords for sale (as pictured).
From bottom to top:

-Straight sword, brass handle with leather bound braided grip. Blade 33 inches length, 39 inches including handle. Matching metal scabbard. It has a good weight to it, great condition. Blade blunt. No stamps or makers mark. Possibly adult use due to length & weight.

-Curved sword, brass handle with leather bound braided grip. Blade 23 inches length, 27 inches including handle. Does have metal scabbard but slightly loose fit when housed. Blade condition slightly rusted, handle in good condition. Blade blunt. No stamps or makers mark. Possibly for ladies or junior use.

-Curved sword, chrome metal handle with plastic grip. Blade 27 inches length, 33 inches including handle. Matching metal scabbard. Blade laser etched, made by Wolf-Brown in Spain. Stamped with number "295". Blade condition very slightly marked but overall great condition. Handle condition good, has remants of glue at base of handle. Blade blunt & pointed. Good weight overall. Adult use.
Also comes with a leather carrying pouch as pictured.

Selling as a lot of 3 with the bag.
3 lovely swords which are ideal for theatre use.
All the blades are safe & blunt.
Rare to find a junior size.

If interested, please message markregan82@hotmail.com.
Can take payment via paypal/BACS and send out in the post if required.

Posted 29/04/2020


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Panda Players

Panda Players

Facebook  Twitter  


Contact: hello@pandaplayers.co.uk if interested

Shrek Shrek Shrek

Shrek Shrek Shrek

Shrek Shrek Shrek Shrek

For Sale

Complete SHReK The Musical Set For Sale - £1,750.00

All set items built to 7ft. (2.13m) high as the height of my workshop shutters and to the best of my research before I started building was the average height of a Luton van.

Below summary of Shrek set.

2 x big walls on wheels can only be stacked vertically on wheels or horizontally. Cannot be transported on edge due to profiles.
H 7ft. (2.13m) x W 4ft. 6in. (1.4m) x D 1ft.2in. (0.36m)

2 x small walls on wheels can only be stacked vertically on wheels or horizontally. Cannot be transported on edge due to profiles.
H 7ft. (2.13m) x W 4ft. 6in. (1.4m) x D 1ft.2in. (0.36m)

Shreks house. Can only be transported vertically non steerable.
H 7ft. (2.13m) x W 7ft. 6in. (2.3m) x D 9in. (0.23m)

The Barn.
Can only be transported vertically. On two wheels non steerable.
H 7ft. (2.13m) x W 8ft. (2.44m) x D 6in. (0.15m)

4 x trees on wheels.
Can be transported horizontally but awkward shape and delicate surface.
H 7ft. (2.13m) x W 3ft. (0.91m) x D 1ft.3in. (0.38m)

This a curved wall and would best be transported vertically as being curved takes up a lot of space. Heavy.
H 7ft. (2.13m) x W 6ft. (1.83m) x D 1ft.6in. (0.46m)

Truck base for tower.
Semi-circle on castors. Could be transported either vertically or horizontally. Heavy
H 5in. (0.13m) x W 6ft. (1.83m) x D 4ft. (1.22m)

Rock. Can be transported vertically or horizontally.
H 1ft. 6in. (0.46m) x W 4ft (1.22m) x D 2ft. 8in. (0.81m)

Rose window. Delicate as built from expanded polystyrene. Needs to be locked in position to avoid damage.
H 5ft. (1.52m) x W 8ft (2.44m) x D 5in. (0.13m)

Various small items

Cookie (Gingerbread Man).
H 4ft.6in. (1.4m) x W 2ft. 6in. (0.76m) x D 6in. (0.15m)

4 x books.
H 2ft 9in. (0.84m) x W 2ft. 1in. (0.64m) x D 3.5in. (1.04m)

Any future use of this set must have the following credit in the show programme.

Set designed, built and painted by Paul H Lunnon for Panda PlayersFurther details can obtained from:
Paul H Lunnon (Set designer, Builder and Painter)
Email: paul@paul-h-lunnon.co.uk

Posted 13/03/2020


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Page to Panto

Page to Panto




Is your group struggling to find the perfect pantomime script? Perhaps you’ve read a few scripts, but they don’t adhere to the props you have in storage or costumes you already have, well good news we can write one for you! Want a script with eight main characters and a chorus? No problem! Or perhaps you just want a cast of two! No problem! Though we do have a range of panto scripts that are already written, should you wish to read a script to see if you like our style or to use that script! We even provide song suggestions with every script we write!

Are you a Youth Theatre? Special rates available for any Youth Theatre that uses a Page to Panto Script! We always think that's worth mentioning! Oh yes we do!

Still interested? For more information please visit our website where you’ll find prices and our terms and conditions too or email contact@pagetopanto.com

We Hope To Work With You Soon,

Page to Panto
From the Page to Magic on the Stage!

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Make-Up Artist Work Experience Required


I’m Amanda. I’m currently doing make up artistry at West College Scotland. I am in my first year level 6.

I am looking for any work experience I could do. Anything at all would be great. Any local groups who need makeup artists for their productions do please get in touch.

Thank you


Latest from our Advice Column
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Post 67
Recent Post from one of our readers - 12/01/2020
Name: Sarah Miatt


From https://www.facebook.com/sarah.miatt

Hi, I hope this is okay to post. You are all my last hope.
I really want to do the stage play of dinnerladies! By Victoria Wood. I know there are two out there. Does anyone know where I can go to ask about the rights? I have tried everything. I contacted David Graeme who is he authors but he’s the wrong David Graeme. Has anyone had any luck tracking down the scripts or the rights for this?
Thanks in advance

Peter's response:

Hi Sarah,

I've had this query before from Thurrock Courts Players and as far as I am aware they couldn't find publishers details either. I shall put your question in the #Advice section of the www.dramagroups.com website and its associated Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages within the next 24 hours. I shall ask people to contact you directly if they can help or advise.

Best Wishes,


Response from Sian Morris 13/01/2020

All Victoria Wood work is unavailable for amateur production

Would you like to comment on this? contact@dramagroups.com

Recently Posted Performance & Rehearsal Space
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Create Studios

Create Studios

CREATE STUDIOS, 120A Hartopp Road, Clarendon Park, Leicester, LE2 1WF


Create Studios

Create Studios Create Studios Create Studios Create Studios

Create Studios Create Studios Create Studios Create Studios

Studio Space Available

Contact: info@createstudiosleciester.co.uk or 07976743858 or via our website

At Create Studios, we have 5 bespoke studios available for hire, which is perfect for Drama Groups/Dance groups. We have many rehearsals take place at our Studios, and our welcoming staff are always happy to help and go the extra mile for those in the Creative Industry!
If you have an event coming up in the future,or would like somewhere to rehearse and perform shows etc, Create Studios might be the perfect place!

We're located in Clarendon Park, Leicester. Create is somewhat like a tar-dis as you don't realise just how big it is until you walk inside!

With our bespoke studios, we have great working spaces for freelancers and groups to use for their creative purposes. Additionally, we have had an influx of musicians booking in with us as we offer a great music room for lessons and rehearsals in Studio 2, as well as larger choirs who rehearse in our larger studios for events.

Posted 20/12/2019


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Sarah Flaherty


Contact: sarahpflaherty@gmail.com


Last Tango in Little Grimley

I'm looking for a copy of Last Tango in Little Grimley to read but cant seem to get it delivered to me as I'm based in Ireland

Posted 22/11/2019