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City Entertainment Group

City Theatre

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City Entertainment Group


@atsfilms84 is shooting a new music video on the 10th July in Liverpool city centre. They are looking for 3 adult dancers male and female. The genre of the music video is Hip Hop \ African Beats.

It is a 1 day shoot, unpaid, but shot on a 4K Red Camera along with the a great networking opportunity.

(Social Distancing Guidelines will be in place)

Please DM atsfilms84 if you're interested!


Posted on 27/06/2020


Open Drama UK & Manchester Metropolitan University

Open Drama UK & Manchester Metropolitan University

Call out for Speakers!

Webinar to support Drama trainee teachers/NQTs

Thursday 23rd July 7:30pm

Sign up info goes out Friday 26th June, please make sure you have signed up to Open Drama UK's mailing list to receive it:

Posted on 25/06/2020


Tess Robinson

I'm a performer and researcher based in London. I’m running a nation-wide research study into how people discover AmDram.

Please could you share my survey and ask your followers to fill it in? I’m trying to reach as many people as possible

Posted on 23/06/2020


Bright Immersive Ltd

Bright Immersive Ltd

Hi, last week I launched a free online interactive 3D virtual theatre tour, designed to help people - especially students and teachers - stay connected to the magic of the theatre, while the real-world venues remain closed.

But to really convey the MAGIC, a theatre needs performers, right?

So for Phase 2 of this not-for-profit project, I'm looking for volunteers to initially provide audio recordings of their performances to create a life-like atmosphere. It’s also a great opportunity to showcase talent and highlight different drama groups.

Check out the full FB post for full details below.
If you'd like to be part of this or want to find out more, please get in touch – Thanks!

Bright Immersive Ltd


With theatres around the world closed, last Monday I launched a free online 3D interactive virtual theatre.

So far, it’s had around 400 visitors and counting! You can check it out or read more about it in this blog post:

At the moment, apart from a short initial audio clip of a theatre orchestra warming up, the 3D space is eerily quiet!

The theatre has immersive spatial sound and lighting, so for Phase Two of the project, I thought it would be great to give artists/performers an opportunity to reach new audiences via the 3D virtual theatre by including recordings of their performances.

For now, I’m only looking for audio clips, but this will evolve as the project grows. Recordings could include: -*monologues/duologues
*extracts from radio plays
*poetry or prose readings
*songs or music, etc.

All recordings should be less than 5 mins and copyright cleared - See full T&Cs on the website.

This is a not-for-profit project, so all submissions are voluntary. I will, however, credit every performer added to the theatre and include them in publicity.

If you’re 18+ and interested in being part of this pioneering and evolving digital arts project, please share your recording by going to:

If you have any questions please post them via FB or email me:



Posted on 22/06/2020


NFTS Graduate Project Casting Opportunity Outreach




Love Locked is a brand-new TV Show where couples are LOCKED in an escape room testing their strength as a team.

Can love conquer all? Do you think you and your partner have what it takes to escape?



Apply Now!

Due to Health and Safety Regulations we are only looking for couples who live in the same household at this time.

Posted on 20/06/2020


My Tiny Play

My Tiny Play

Facebook  Twitter  Instagram  

Create your own Tiny Play

Create your own tiny play in any form, style, variation you like and post it on our Facebook page or on your feed using the hashtag #mytinyplay and tagging @JermynStreetTheatre (@JSTheatre on twitter) and @TheWatermillTheatre. Or email it to

Take our audio plays and the existing tiny plays for inspiration and have a go! Enlist a housemate, a houseplant, the kids, granny on zoom, or just yourself. Keep it short but sweet and show us what’s happening with you. Say it / act it / sing it / film it or just jot it down. Nothing’s too silly, nothing’s too serious.

Anyone can take part. This is not aimed at theatre makers but at the whole community. We would love to see a diverse range of #MyTinyPlays coming in. And go!

Follow this link to see existing videos

Posted on 18/06/2020


Lara Manwaring Casting

Lara Manwaring Casting

Twitter  Instagram  

Lara Manwaring Casting

BBC Feature Film

We Need Actors - No Experience Needed

Lara Manwaring Casting is a casting company for film and TV. Previous projects worked on include the hannel 4 series 'Top Boy'.

We are currently casting for the lead role in a BBC feature film to be made next year.

It's a story about a young streetwise, working-class Londoner and the struggles he faces in life. If you are a man aged 18 - 30 and feel you fit this description then we would love to hear from you.

We welcome all types - you don't have to look or be a certain way.


Must be based in London. We welcome applicants of ethnicities:, white, mixed-race, Eastern European, Turkish, Arab, Asian...
...from Britain or any other country.

If interested, please email or send a Whatsapp to 07307058739 (no calls please) with a short video clip (1-2 mins max) telling us a bit about yourself, including your name, age and where you are based.

If we feel you could be right for the role, we will egt in touch to explain more. The successful applicant will be supported throughout the process.

This is a great opportunity for someone and it will be WELL PAID.

Unfortunately we can't always respond to unsuccessful applicants.

Posted on 16/06/2020


Zoom scripts

Zoom scripts (that are suitable for Zoom) to use for free! Short, small cast size. email order as many scripts as you want.

Meet up with friends hosted on your choice of video chat software. Our games can be played virtually during social isolation over an internet connection with friends – or can be played together when Lockdown restrictions allow.

Short plays:
ROMEO & JULIET I have adapted “Romeo & Juliet” into modern day Engish, and cut it down to 12 pages, 8 characters, mix of teenagers & adults. (also comes as a musical version with some lovely ballads & free guide vocals & backing tracks).
'Ex’s anonymous’ is a COMEDY about 5 women attending a meeting, led by a cynical facilitator, to talk about their ex boyfriends. f5 (various ages).
THREE LOSSES is about 3 losses in a man’s life.M3 (adults). F1 (adult).
BUDDHISM is a short play about a chauvinist male who is sent by his wife to learn about Buddhism to a Buddhist Monk.M2 (1 20-50, 1 18-30).
ELOPE is about a young girl waiting for her boyfriend so they can elope. F2 (1 16-18, 1 30 -40)
BARABBAS is about a mature woman who has a mental breakdown when her husband, an East End Gangster is arrested for murder and released. During her breakdown she is visited by Jesus, asking her why BARABBAS (the nickname for her husband) got away with murder, when he was nailed to the cross. It’s Pinter-ish, a surreal ending. M1 (30ish) fm (40-60ish).

MOTHER TALKING is about a woman reminiscing about her mental illness.
THE HAWAIIAN SHIRT. A women talks about her ex-boyfriend.
MY 4 EX BOYFRIENDS. A women talks about her 4 ex boyfriends.

Posted on 16/06/2020


Foul Play Mystery & Murder Parties

Foul Play Mystery & Murder Parties

Foul Play Mystery & Murder Parties

FREE virtual downloadable murder mystery party games

Meet up with friends hosted on your choice of video chat software. Our games can be played virtually during social isolation over an internet connection with friends – or can be played together when Lockdown restrictions allow.

ABSOLUTELY FREE Mystery Murder Party pack for Virtual Parties. Everybody deserves to enjoy life during these uncertain times, so our party titles are ABSOLUTELY FREE.

Get Free Games here

Posted on 12/06/2020


Greater Manchester Drama Federation

Greater Manchester Drama Federation

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The 2019 - 20 Full Length Festival Nominations

First of all, we must say a huge thank you to our adjudicators Ian, Andrew, James and Nigel for their commitment and dedication to the adjudication process.
Sadly, due to the rude interruption of Covid-19 it has been a shortened season for all of us but as promised, here is the list of nominations for all adjudicated productions up to the commencement of the lockdown.

Many congratulations to all the nominees - well done. We can't have our usual Awards Night celebrations and surprises so listed on the website are all the award categories, we will announce the winners in early July - so watch this space!

Please click here for Nominations

Posted on 09/06/2020


Shropshire Drama Company

Facebook  Twitter  


Shropshire Drama Company (SDC) has organised a ‘record a reading’ competition based on the theme of Florence Nightingale.

To commemorate the recent 200th anniversary since her birth and a date that is now celebrated as International Nurses’ Day, people are being invited to submit a recited speech or poem (in part or whole) based loosely on the theme of Florence Nightingale. For example, the piece may be a poem about war, whether by Shakespeare or a present day writer, a Winston Churchill speech or contain the name Florence or the word nightingale; may have been written in the year that Florence Nightingale was born – 1820; or even an extract from one of her books and letters. Self-penned submissions from writers keen to step in front of the camera, as well hose not so keen but who have managed to persuade a friend or family member to read their piece, are also welcomed.

Prizes will be awarded for the winning entries and, depending on government guidelines regarding Coronavirus, SDC aims to organise an evening of performances later in the year. Winners will be announced on 13 August, the date of Florence Nightingale’s passing in 1910.

Entry is free and submissions can be made by individuals or groups of no more than four people, where social distancing has been observed. They should be no longer than two and a half minutes and sent to SDC by 31 July, 2020 using the following media:

1 As an attachment in a message to SDC’s Facebook page at
2 File transfer using for example, or Dropbox, and emailed to
3 YouTube link emailed to

Commenting on the competition, chair of SDC Rosalind Garrard, said: “We are living during unprecedented and extraordinary times, which have not only disrupted SDC’s planned productions but may yet have a devastating on the arts as a whole and in the wider context, may alter all of our lives. To keep positive, to keep performance skills honed and to encourage creativity we are setting up this competition which we hope will stir the imagination and raise the spirits resulting in some truly creative and inspired recitals. We hope that anyone with any sort of dramatic interest will take up the challenge and run with it!”

For more information email SDC at:

Video link: SDC’s Matt Deakin reciting a slightly amended epilogue from William Shakespeare’s Henry V is available to view on YouTube HERE.

Posted on 08/06/2020


Chesterton Amateur Dramatic Society

Chesterton Amateur Dramatic Society


Chesterton Amateur Dramatic Society are looking for a choreographer for their pantomime Rapunzel

Based in Chesterton Cambridge
Contact for more details

Posted on 05/06/2020


Every Other Weekend ONLINE CASTING

The story of our project is about a young boy Adil who is seeking to rekindle a broken relationship with his dad Nas, but loses hope through the fearful journey the night unfolds. Whereas Nas is trying to seek another delay in his long line of debt with his drug-dealing bosses. With Adil’s naive call to action in trying to impress his father, he sees a glimmer of hope in rekindling their relationship. However, the opportunity quickly diminishes and is left to where it starts off.

We are on the hunt to find a young actor to take on the role of Adil. He is meant to be an 11 year old boy, with the ethnical background of a British South-Asian. The themes we explore in this story are relevantly important to today’s world, as well as taking note of the UK gang-culture. These themes have a tendency to alleviate kid’s childhoods towards the wrong direction and this is where we find solace to the matter with the story we are going to tell. We are looking for someone who could play the role with the capabilities of diversity in his artillery of emotions, authenticity to his relation with the character Adil and maturity necessary to fulfil the performance needed to be delivered. As you know, it is difficult to cast a young actor who can memorize lines and choreography accordingly. We thought about casting a 13 year old who looks 11, which is why we chose to approach Drama groups. We really hope we find our Adil in your talented pool of students.

The auditions would have to be done through self-recorded tapes, then we would proceed to virtual auditions.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Warmest Regards,

‘Every Other Weekend’ Team

Production Title: Every Other Weekend
Production type: Short Film
Paying: Paying Job
Location: London (specific locations are TBC)
Duration: 4 day shoot + 4-5 rehearsals
Shoot Dates: (TBC) 28th August - 2nd September.
Deadline for Applying: Late June *

Production Details:
We are producing a short film called ‘Every Other Weekend’ prior to us commencing our fully funded feature film.
We are students from the London Film Academy, that run a professional set and ensure the safety of all cast and crew.

Story Outline:
Story of a young boy Adil is seeking to rekindle a broken relationship with his dad Nas. His dad is trying to seek another delay in his long line of debt with his drug-dealing bosses. With Adil’s naive call to action in trying to impress his father, he sees a glimmer of hope in rekindling their relationship. However, the opportunity quickly diminishes.

The shoot will take place over three locations around London. Likely to be in the same vicinity.

Due to these circumstances, casting for these roles will have to take place through self-recorded tapes.

The Director would also like to have 4-5 rehearsals with the actors for Adil and Nas, prior to the production. This will help build chemistry and confidence in the young actor’s performance prior to the hectic scenery of a film set.

Character Descriptions:

Character: Nas
Age Range: 35- 40
Gender: Male
Ethnicity: South Asian (Indian/Pakistani)
Characteristics: Is a bad role model. He is the wrong a father should not be. Initially you witness a kind hearted individual but he is incapable of taking care of his son and is frankly immoral.

Character: Adil
Age Range: 11-13
Gender: Male
Ethnicity: South Asian (Indian/Pakistani)
Characteristics: Adil is a shy young boy who has the naivety traits you would imagine of a young kid trying to seek his father’s love. He is seeking to rekindle his broken relationship but when he discovers his father continuing to be a drug dealer, he loses hope in the rekindling of their relationship. He gains his maturity by defining right from wrong on his own.
Specifications: Standard British accent.

Character: Deano
Age Range: 30-35
Gender: Male
Ethnicity: African Caribbean
Characteristics: Looks tough, is mean and gritty. Deano is Slim’s right hand man, who keeps an eye on Nas. Between Slim and Deano, Deano seems to be softer in his ways, even though he is a part of this aggressive business.

Character: Slim
Age Range: 35- 45
Gender: Male
Ethnicity: African Caribbean
Characteristics: He’s the authoritative, abusive antagonist of the story. He is the striking, realistic imagery a drug lord would actually be in real life. No morals, inflicting abuse on others that don’t comply with him.

How to contact us:

Posted on 03/06/2020


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