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Post 58
Recent Post from one of our readers - 21/03/2018
Name: Bronwen Davy
email address: - Click here
setting up a local drama group

just wanting some information really. I am looking to set a up local drama group and wondered if you could advise me in terms of what is required re safeguarding or what I need to have in place in order to do so. I am in Liskeard, Cornwall.

best wishes

Bronwen Davy

Peter's response:

Hi Crystal,
First of all I'm no expert in this area, although several years ago I did go through this thought process and made some inroads into understanding the legislation that covers young people in 'Groups'. I shall post your question in the 'Advice' section of and hope that someone with more recent experience will be able to give you better or more up-to-date advice. I have to put in a disclaimer here in that my advice is a personal opinion only. I am not a lawyer and do not have any more than a rudimentary knowledge gained from my own researches, please do not take my opinion as gospel check out any potential actions with a professional before deciding what you will do.
What I found was that the age restriction on young people under 16 years of age is:
- the Group must provide a chaperone during rehearsals and during performances.
- changing facilities must be separate from adults and of course separate between the genders.
- the young persons must be registered with the local council
- a Doctor's certificate must be provided for each child - presumably stating that they are fit - there is a cost involved here
- the Group's insurance must cover them during rehearsals and performances
- there are other rules applying by age to the number of hours they are allowed to work, etc. but I'm afraid I didn't get that far into the research.
Quite a few groups do declare themselves as taking people 16+ only and I guess that's because the process of including children is too onerous, certainly that's what my own group decided.
I hope that's of some use to you and I hope that others may provide a better view of current legislation.

Best Wishes,


Response from Dianne ffitch

Join NODA (National Operatic and Dramatic Association) - cheap and with loads of advice available. They have loads of fact sheets with all current information with regard to child performances, safeguarding, health and safety, etc etc as well as being able to provide cheaper insurance than generally available.

I am a registered chaperone with Devon, so can comment as follows:

1. You do not need a chaperone for reheasals - but ideally the Director of any play involving children should have a DBS (available through NODA or local education provider);

2. You do need a chaperone for any dress rehearsal and performances. They act 'in loco parentis'.

3. Children need separate (from adults and by gender) changing areas, and ideally a chaperone for each gender but this depends on how many children are performing.

4. Young persons do not need to be registered with the local council to participate in rehearsals or workshops; they do need a licence to perform if there are more than 4 performances in 6 months. Otherwise, there is no need to apply.

5. If a licence is required - which is applied for from the local authority and you need to state who is going to chaperone them during the period of the licence - they need permission from their school (not a doctor's certificate).

If you are thinking about setting up a group in Liskeard, be aware that there are a lot of drama groups around here! Launceston, Callington, Bodmin and Sterts to name but a few. And they are all struggling for performers.

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Post 57
Recent Post from one of our readers - 04/09/2017
Name: Julia Galbraith
Hi Im 50 is there a group for me?

Peter's response:

Hello Julia,

The answer is yes of course, age is no barrier to joining an amateur dramatics group.

You donít say where you are located and Iím afraid I probably wouldnít know the groups or schools in your area and so would be unable to make any recommendations. I suggest you take a look at the Groups section of the website and check the groups and schools in your County/Region. There will be groups and societies listed with contact details. If in doubt click on the group name or logo and that will take you directly to the groupís own website. In my experience most groups and schools would welcome any new member with open arms.

Best of luck, let me know how you get on.


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Post 56
Recent Post from one of our readers - 17/04/2017
Name: Debbie Bell
Facebook: Cynthia Law
Play Script

Calvary greetings to Yuh all, please I need a drama script on this topic The Full Amour from Romans 13:12

Peter's response:

Hi Cynthia,
I'm afraid I can't help you directly as I'm not aware of any such play scripts.
I'll post your enquiry in the #Advice section of and ask people to get in touch with you via your FB page if they can help.


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Post 55
Recent Post from one of our readers - 01/02/2017
Name: Debbie Bell
email address: - Click here
Scenery Painting

I have recently been involved in scenery painting with our local Am Dram group here in East Yorkshire. My friend and I ( we are amateur artists) think we made a decent job of it, but would like to undertake a course to improve, if one exists for the likes of us!

Peter's response:

Hi Debbie,

I'm afraid you've stumped me, I don't know of any such courses. Iíll place an entry for you in the #Advice section of the website and on our Facebook, Google+ and Twitter pages and ask people to contact you directly if they can help.

I hope you get some good advice. Do let me know how you get on.

Best Regards,


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