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Panda Players

Panda Players

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Contact: if interested

Shrek Shrek Shrek

Shrek Shrek Shrek

Shrek Shrek Shrek Shrek

For Sale

Complete SHReK The Musical Set For Sale - 1,750.00

All set items built to 7ft. (2.13m) high as the height of my workshop shutters and to the best of my research before I started building was the average height of a Luton van.

Below summary of Shrek set.

2 x big walls on wheels can only be stacked vertically on wheels or horizontally. Cannot be transported on edge due to profiles.
H 7ft. (2.13m) x W 4ft. 6in. (1.4m) x D 1ft.2in. (0.36m)

2 x small walls on wheels can only be stacked vertically on wheels or horizontally. Cannot be transported on edge due to profiles.
H 7ft. (2.13m) x W 4ft. 6in. (1.4m) x D 1ft.2in. (0.36m)

Shreks house. Can only be transported vertically non steerable.
H 7ft. (2.13m) x W 7ft. 6in. (2.3m) x D 9in. (0.23m)

The Barn.
Can only be transported vertically. On two wheels non steerable.
H 7ft. (2.13m) x W 8ft. (2.44m) x D 6in. (0.15m)

4 x trees on wheels.
Can be transported horizontally but awkward shape and delicate surface.
H 7ft. (2.13m) x W 3ft. (0.91m) x D 1ft.3in. (0.38m)

This a curved wall and would best be transported vertically as being curved takes up a lot of space. Heavy.
H 7ft. (2.13m) x W 6ft. (1.83m) x D 1ft.6in. (0.46m)

Truck base for tower.
Semi-circle on castors. Could be transported either vertically or horizontally. Heavy
H 5in. (0.13m) x W 6ft. (1.83m) x D 4ft. (1.22m)

Rock. Can be transported vertically or horizontally.
H 1ft. 6in. (0.46m) x W 4ft (1.22m) x D 2ft. 8in. (0.81m)

Rose window. Delicate as built from expanded polystyrene. Needs to be locked in position to avoid damage.
H 5ft. (1.52m) x W 8ft (2.44m) x D 5in. (0.13m)

Various small items

Cookie (Gingerbread Man).
H 4ft.6in. (1.4m) x W 2ft. 6in. (0.76m) x D 6in. (0.15m)

4 x books.
H 2ft 9in. (0.84m) x W 2ft. 1in. (0.64m) x D 3.5in. (1.04m)

Any future use of this set must have the following credit in the show programme.

Set designed, built and painted by Paul H Lunnon for Panda PlayersFurther details can obtained from:
Paul H Lunnon (Set designer, Builder and Painter)

Posted 13/03/2020


Tony Kelly


Fluorescent Tubes


Fluorescent Tubes

I'm currently working on a refurbishment project in Worcester. In passing a lady asked me if we had any short fluorescent tubes as if we did she would like them for her theatre group. I didn't get her details however, we have +/- 100 x 600mm tubes available free of charge to any group who can make use of them.

Call me on 079177 83219 to arrange collection asap.

Thanks, Tony.

Posted 12/03/2020


Brave Bold Drama CIC



Brave Bold Drama CIC Brave Bold Drama CIC

For Sale


My name is Paul Lawless and I am Co-Director of Brave Bold Drama CIC who co-run community arts centre Creative Workspace in South Bristol. Located in an area of cultural and financial deprivation, we aim to improve access to the arts through an ongoing programme of workshops and events
We have a quality floorcloth that was used for a show we developed to tour last year, but it proved too difficult for us to tour with and we have had a redesign on the show since and no longer use it for the production. It measures in at 415cm x 485cm. I've attached some pictures. I am sure it could be repainted.
The cloth cost us 220 originally. We wonder if anyone might be able to use it and whether anyone had the scope to make us an offer please? We can deliver it to you at no cost.

Posted 24/02/2020


Sylvia Smalcerz

Hove on the Drive

Contact: Please contact me on 07955921878
if you are interested.

Screen Screen Screen / Screen

Screen Screen Screen Screen

For Sale

24th Feb 2020

Display/Performance Screen

I have a display/performance screen for sale and I thought someone might be interested?
It's 8.4 ft tall, 4 wings, 1.11 ft wide each wing.
It's wooden frame and linen, newly painted.

Price : 50.00

I am also moving my home so the last day the screen could be picked up is Friday the 28th of February

Posted 24/02/2020


Huddersfield Thespians

Facebook  Twitter  

Oakes Mills West, New Hey Road, Huddersfield HD3 4DD

Huddersfield Thespians


Sat Feb 29th 2020


We will be holding another sale on Sat Feb 29th
We still have lots of props, curtains, material, furniture, wood and costumes available.
So if you are interested in having a browse, can spare some time to help with selling things or simply need somewhere to hide from those unwanted Leap Day proposals then we would love to see you!
Please also help by spreading the word about the sale to anyone who may be interested.
We'll be at Oakes Mill West from 10am to 2pm.
For more details contact Christine Smith on

Posted 24/02/2020


Guide Bridge Theatre

Guide Bridge Theatre

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Guide Bridge Theatre


17th - 22nd February 2020

Aeroplane seats urgently needed at Guide Bridge Theatre

Guide Bridge Theatre are performing Ladies Down Under 17th - 22nd February and they can't find any aeroplane seats!

Can you help?
If you can please contact Carla on email / 07803 310033

Posted 09/02/2020


West Moors Drama Society

West Moors Drama Society



Contact via social media



12th to 19th April 2020

Cordless Phone

West Moors Drama Group in Dorset need a 1980's cordless phone for their next production.

Does anyone have one they would be prepared to lend us for one week?

Posted 30/01/2020


Professional Theatrical Property Suppliers

Page One Design

I would like to bring your attention our new range of Real Wax LED RECHARGEABLE candles which are being used where real candles are either impractical or inconvenient.

They can be used in Lanterns and for decor where ordinary candles would make a mess and be a fire hazard. As they are rechargeable they can be used over and over again. There is no smell and with the candle flickering effect they look just like real candles.
These LED Pillar Candles are 15cm, 12cm and 9 cm tall and 5 cm wide. Most other REAL WAX LED candles require replacement batteries and therefore are less convenient as well as more expensive in the long run. Our rechargeable candles last 8 - 10 hours, then you just plug them into the base provided and recharge overnight or the next morning. You can use them outside as they will not blow out. They are very health and safety orientated.

We would like to offer you a special introductory price of only 29.00 delivered free.
We also have Rechargeable set of 12 tealights:
These replace real tealights which tend not to last a full service. Our tea lights last 8 - 10 hours, are rechargeable, come with non breakable frosted flutes. They will not blow out if used outside. The bulb flickers like a real candle so when it is concealed in the flutes, they will give the effect of a real tea light but for much longer!
These are 34.99 per set delivered free.

I accept credit cards or can invoice you for BACS payment. Delivery is free and quick. I sincerely hope to hear from you.

kind regards

Loretta Barnett
Page One Design, Meadow Barn, Outwood Lane, Kingswood, Surrey KT20 6JS UK
Tel +44 (0)1737 832622

Verity Taster

Freelance costume designer, sourcer and maker and props, set designs, etc.

Rates negotiable.

Will travel.


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