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The Sorcerer’s Apprentice

Reviewed by: Elaine Chapman @elainec46302904

Review date: 27th Feb 2021

Southwark Playhouse had planned to bring to the stage The Sorcerer’s Apprentice by the renowned musical theatre writers Richard Hough and Ben Morales Frost. However, due to further restrictions, the Theatre wasn’t in a position to perform in front of a live audience and decided to continue with their plans to put this onto the stage and have filmed the production to be screened online.

Eva (Mary Moore) has her debut musical performance as the rebellious daughter of a long-suffering Dad (David Thaxton). Not happy to just settle and let life be guided for her Eva wants more and sees the world through a different lens to her Father. Quite rightly so as the upcoming generations need to see a difference for things to change.

I thought the idea of the Aurora lights rebelling and fighting the townsfolk worked incredibly well. Although you will need to watch the production to find out exactly what happens when they clash.

Anna Kelsey has created a dark and intriguing stage portraying the dark and damaging effect caused by industrial pollution. It goes on to accompany the wonders of Eva’s magical powers and allow the sparks from her spells to light up the stage and add another depth to the special effects.

While you are watching The Sorcerer’s Apprentice it is important to be able to suspend your disbelief. They have recreated the scene from Disney’s Mickey Mouse version where the broomsticks come to life and dance around Eva. Although the actors are visible it’s an extremely impressive choreographed scene by the talented choreographer Steven Harris.

Creatives have learned to adapt through this pandemic. Enchanting productions such as these can be adapted for screen. Therefore, once the Theatre’s can reopen their doors live screening and pay to view audiences could be able to access productions which were previously unavailable to them.

Four Stars

Streaming from Friday 26th February – Sunday 14th March 2021.


See the full review here theatreandartreviews.wordpress.com/


Posted on 28/02/2021


Love Roulette by Production Line

Reviewed by: Elaine Chapman @elainec46302904

Review date: 14th Feb 2021

Imagine Blind Date meets speed dating and add a surreal twist to it and you have found yourself in the world of Love Roulette written by Claire Wood and directed by Ross Hope.

The game begins with viewers being introduced to the five contestants who have signed up to find “love”. The viewers comment and score each of the potential matches out of ten after watching the pair chat for four minutes.

As the chat develops darker sides of some of the contestants appear which at times felt rather unsettling and this can be openly discussed on the live chat feed which is open for all to read and it was quite descriptive too.

Although the concept of the game might not be very original. As it has been written and produced for a live zoom platform experience it allows for it to be spontaneous and uncensored which at times was hilarious.

It is entertaining and funny at times and with the viewer’s participation throughout the performance each show is going to be slightly different from the one before. Each performance lasts for just over an hour and a half which means it doesn’t feel like it has been rushed through.

Four Stars.

Performances are 13, 14, 18, 19 & 20 February at 8pm
Tickets are free and are available from https://productionlines.eventbrite.co.uk www.productionlines.co.uk

Although the tickets for each performance are free Production Lines has asked for its viewers to consider donating Acting for Others, which provides financial and emotional support to theatre workers in times of need through its 14 member charities.

See the full review here theatreandartreviews.wordpress.com/


Posted on 15/02/2021


Walk of Shame by Glass Half Full Theatre

Reviewed by: Elaine Chapman @elainec46302904

Review date: 11th Jan 2021

Writers Stephanie Silver and Amelia Marshall-Lovsey bring to the online stage “Walk of Shame”, produced by Caley Powell for Glass Half Full Productions.

Stephanie Silver’s performance as Alice the disillusioned, bored girlfriend of Billy. Where the idea of another night in doesn’t appeal to her. After cooking her fish and chips from his freezer he mixes the mayonnaise in the ketchup which Alice loathes and he knows this. This tiny catalyst is the final straw and her anger rages inside and she decides to go out and “get some”.

The no holds barred attitude from Alice leaves the viewer under no disillusion about what she is looking for and how/where she intends to find it. Then enters Liam (Sam Lando) who fuelled up on cocaine and alcohol shares the same aim as Alice, to get “some”.

There are no grey areas around the rules of consent. No means exactly that, No. Alice clearly states “No” drugs and alcohol are no excuse for not understanding this. Which in Liam’s state and through his dialogue means he reads the situation differently or does he?

The powerful language throughout the performance pushes home the passion and energy of Alice’s intense emotions. Fueled by rage her heart steers the storyline throughout most the performance.

Once again Glass half Full Theatre bring to life another modern-day issue without any “sugar coating” or censorship. Please be aware that this production carries a strong trigger warning.

Glass Half Full plan to take this production on tour when restrictions are lifted. Taking this powerful piece directly to their targeted audience in Colleges and Universities educating the students to understand and be clear about the rules of consent. An important rule to be understood and adhered to by everyone.

This product along with 51 other shows is part of the new Season 2 at the Online Space (link available below) from the 8th-31st January 2021. It’s all free to watch yet any donations made would be gratefully received.

Four Stars


@LightsDownProd https://www.facebook.com/LightsDownProductions/

See the full review here theatreandartreviews.wordpress.com/


Posted on 11/01/2021


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