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I founded my website with my few musician friends and putting together articles there. Now with hundreds of in-depth articles, people who love music have a place to discover expert advice on the top gear (for almost any discipline).

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London Arrangements

London Arrangements

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27 Howard Drive, Letchworth, Herts SG6 2BT


Professional Backing Tracks from London Arrangements
London Arrangements specialises in the production of professional music backing tracks, ranging from stage and screen, swing and jazz, to classical and easy listening genres.
Browse our online catalogue where you can listen to clips of all our mp3 backing tracks including professional musical theatre backing tracks. The majority of our tracks can be ordered in any key at no extra charge.
We can produce bespoke backing tracks, piano rehearsal tracks and piano/vocal sheet music transcriptions

Contact: Telephone: 020 7096 1801 or Email: or via website or social media


Pantomime Songs

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Pantomime Songs Limited, P O Box 100, Teignmouth, Devon TQ14 4BE


We write lively and beautiful songs for characters in pantomimes, revue & musicals.
Hear, see and download songs, backing tracks and sheet music on our website.

Contact: email us direct at or phone 07771 907198/ 01626 871278 or via website or social media


The Accompanist

The Accompanist

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London, England


We are a company called 'The Accompanist' we provide accompaniment for singers, actors and theatre groups.
If you have a show coming up, or are auditioning people for a show and need an accompanist, we provide just that! We offer 3 options:

Piano Accompanists
Our accompanists are available for rehearsals, auditions and shows. We have a team of highly skilled pianists all over the UK who are very experienced in theatre/musical theatre who have worked with numerous theatre companies and even in the West End!

Piano Backing Tracks
Alternatively, if your budget doesn't stretch to allow you to have a pianist at every rehearsal, our company also provides top quality backing tracks for you to use. These backing tracks can range from solo piano to full band and will be tailored to suit your needs so any cuts, tempo or key changes will be done for you. Our pianists use top of the range software such as Logic and Protools so you can guarantee your tracks will be of a high quality!

Ensemble Backing Tracks
If you would like a band/ensemble for your show but your budget doesn't stretch to hiring musicians, or if you want to keep costs down, we also offer ensemble backing tracks. This can range from a small band to an entire orchestra - whatever you need!
If you are interested in using a pianist and/or backing tracks for your next production please visit or get in touch for a quote!

Contact: or via our website or social media

The Irish College of Music Theatre

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The Irish College of Music Theatre - Providing Ireland's First Musical Theatre Diploma and BFA programmes
The Irish College of Music Theatre (IMT) formed with an aim of developing and expanding the current gap in the music theatre training in Ireland. At present there are no formal qualifications offered at third level, but with the growth of the genre in Ireland, and indeed abroad, there is a need for the training of young performers who wish to pursue a career in musical theatre.

Contact: or via website or social media


Theatre Music Shop

Theatre Music Shop


Professionally recorded musical theatre
backing tracks for cabaret artists, singers, TV work, theatre productions, stage school shows, festivals and competitions.
FREE lyrics are available for every song.

Contact: via our website


Help to turn this site into the central site for UK Amateur Dramatic Groups where everyone can swap ideas and reference a central source of information for any aspect of the art of amateur dramatics.

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